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My dekeOtonians!

We had a great week last week with our launch of Deke’s Patreon and the new and improved (well, at least improved) dekeNow YouTube channel.

This week, new versions of Photoshop and Illustrator were released, and Deke’s got videos on his favorite parts. Read on for Deke’s thoughts on the greatest in the latest from Adobe.

illustratorNow: The Best New Illustrator Feature is Object Intertwine

Can we all agree on the best new feature in Illustrator 2023? We can if you agree it’s Intertwine Objects. (That seemed to be one of Adobe's favorites this past week, as well.) Way back when, Deke had to get advice from the good and great Mordy Golding in order to figure out how to intertwine some definitely not Olympic rings. But now Illustrator allows you to weave in and out with relative ease. Check out the latest episode of illustratorNow, free to all on the dekeNow YouTube channel. (Deke’s take on his second-favorite new feature is available a treat for Patreon supporters.)

photoshopNow: The Best New Photoshop Feature is Photo Restoration

Is your favorite feature in the newest version of Photoshop the same as Deke’s? Is it Photo Restoration? It takes a weathered, creased, compromised old photo and makes it kinda new again. Keep up with what the image-editing robots are doing these days and check out the latest free episode of photoshopNow on Deke’s new and improved YouTube channel. (Deke’s take on his second favorite new feature in Photoshop is available as a treat for Patreon supporters.)

Life, the dekeIverse, and Everything: The Best New Feature is Our Patrons

We just wanted to take a moment to thank our patrons for their support. Patreon support is allowing TeamDeke (a Mom & Pop & Son operation) to create our own content without the constraints (and safety net) of an “official” publisher. It’s scary and stressful and fun and eye-opening, and we really appreciate those of you who are coming along for the ride in these early days based solely on Deke’s infamous reputation (and sure, decades of instructional experience).

Each week, Deke is posting at least one exclusive video to Patreon (although he completely overdid it the first week with five! bonus videos.) Five dollars a month gets you access to the extra content and a one-stop shop for all things dekeNow in one spot. If there are other things you’d like to see or experience, we’d love to hear about it. You can sign up at

Meanwhile, Deke sends his virtual love, now and always,

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