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Greetings, my fellow dekeTravelers.

In this sizzling Summer edition of the dekeSpeak newsletter, we’re rolling up in our custom camper van to bring you the latest update to Deke’s
Advanced Photoshop course from LinkedIn Learning. I’ve also packed up the story of how I made Deke draw me an icon for said custom van and saved it for all time as a custom shape in Photoshop. The latest Deke’s Techniques episode can help you wrangle shapes of all sizes by giving you some tips for getting the interface out of your way. And finally, all the news from dekeLand. Thanks for cruising by.

Deke’s Photoshop 2021 One-on-One: Advanced is Now Updated at LinkedIn Learning

green and white camper van at the beach

The second in Deke’s famous and fabulous Photoshop series, Photoshop One-on-One: Advanced, is now fully updated for the latest version over at LinkedIn Learning. This course provides project-based learning for making advanced selections, creating and refining layer masks, restoring missing details from a photograph, and much more.

For example, Chapter 22: Vector Shapes, explains the changes to the shape tools in Photoshop and shows you how to customize the side of your van with cool swashes and arrows.
The first couple of movies from this chapter are unlocked if you’re not a member and you want to check it out.

When You Go To the Trouble of Making Deke Draw You a Custom Shape, Save It in Photoshop

I don’t know if anyone but me notices, but I like to tweak the Great Seal of Deke at the top of every newsletter to reflect the contents within. By default, that little icon at the top of the circle is actually a literal seal. (Our web guys who designed the Great Seal have the same goofy sense of humor we do. For this edition, I wanted a front-facing version of our PhotoshopMobile, but alas, Photoshop’s custom shapes panel doesn’t have any cool camper vans, let alone one facing forward. So I sketched up what I wanted for Deke and he actually drew it for me in Illustrator.

And should I need such an icon in the future, I learned from Chapter 22 of the new course that I can save it fairly easily to the “Vehicles” section of my Shapes panel. Look how much cooler it is than all those other shapes! Thanks, Deke. (And Photoshop!) And because you can edit it like any other vector-based shape in Photoshop, you can customize it to any need or cargo you might wish.

Deke’s Techniques: Hiding Paths and Shape Handles in Photoshop

Speaking of working with Shapes in Photoshop, this week’s Deke’s Techniques (episode 994: we’re getting close!) has some great tips and general ins-and-outs for working with Shape Layers in Photoshop. Specifically, Deke shows you how to get those path outlines and shape handles out of your face while you’re trying to protect your binocular effect from the movie Chinatown. Note that you don’t need to be doing anything quite so specific to benefit from Deke’s advice. You can watch this episode without a membership over at

Life, the dekeIverse, and Everything

Around here, we’re just keeping our noses to the grindstone and our germs to ourselves. Deke is working on the Mastery version of both the Photoshop and Illustrator courses, we recorded a Very Special Episode of Deke’s Techniques (did I mention this week was Episode #994!) with the virtual Zoom-based help of an amazing crew, and we’re trying to figure out what the future holds (Deke’s always got interesting ideas, of course).

Sending you all our virtual love, along with hopes for good health and maybe some appropriately safe adventure.

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