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Allergy-Causing Foods

Food allergies can have a major impact on someone's day-to-day life. For instance, those who have food allergies have to be extra careful when eating at restaurants, parties, social gatherings, and at work or school. Whether you are allergic to specific foods or not, it is important to be aware of common allergy-causing foods so you can be mindful of those around you who might be affected by these foods. 

  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Cow's milk
  • Wheat
  • Eggs

Source: Well onTarget

90 Seconds: Are You Having an Allergic Reaction?

Have you or a loved one experienced an allergic reaction? Listen to this 90-second video to learn about the symptoms of an allergic reaction and what to do in case a reaction occurs. 
Source: Well onTarget
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How Exercise Helps Your Bones

Image depicting what the skeletal system looks like when exercising.

As a person ages, their bones tend to become weaker over time. Thankfully, the rate of bone deterioration can be slowed down by exercise. Exercise helps strengthen the skeletal structure by producing new bone cells.The sooner you start exercising, the stronger your bones will become. It's never too late to start exercising... so why not start today?

Below are ways you can help your bones: 
  • Weightbearing Exercise
    • brisk walking/hiking
    • dancing
    • jogging/running
    • stair climbing
  • Strength-Training Exercise
    • weight machines
    • free weights
    • body weight
Source: OrthoInfo
Listen in to Dr. Casey Crisp, with Airrosti providers, to learn exercises to help combat Plantar Fasciitis.
Source : Airrosti 

Image of food on a plate that represents intuitive eating.
Intuitive Eating
Intuitive eating is all about getting in touch with your body's internal cues, which include hunger, fullness, & emotions. These cues help your body by telling it what food it is craving, when you should eat, and how much food to consume. Below are 10 principles of intuitive eating:

1. Reject the diet mentality. Let go of dieting by saying no to all the rules around eating. 
2. Honor your hunger. Ignoring hunger can lead to cravings and overeating. The more “in tune” you are with your hunger cues, the better you become at choosing foods that are both nourishing and satisfying.  
3. Make peace with food. Give yourself permission to eat the food you like. You shouldn't X out the food that you love. Moderation is key!
4. Challenge the food police. Don’t let yourself or anyone else tell you that you’re “bad” for eating a certain food.
5. Feel your fullness. Your body will tell you when it’s full if you’ll listen.
6. Discover satisfaction. Eating is supposed to be a joyful and satisfying experience, but that can only happen if you let it.
7. Honor your feelings. Don’t eat your feelings. Instead, find non-food ways to cope with your emotions.
8. Respect your body. Don’t be critical of yourself; instead, accept your body,  regardless of its shape.
9. Exercise, feel the difference. Don’t worry about how many calories you’re burning.  Focus on how good it feels to be active.
10. Honor your health. You don’t have to be a  perfect eater to be healthy. It’s about what you eat consistently over time that matters. Step away from the diet mentality and see how much more you can enjoy food. 

Source: Well onTarget
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H.E.A.D.s Up has a webpage. Click here to visit the website and learn more about what the System Offices Wellness program has to offer. You can find resources for nutrition, health, fitness, finances, and lifestyles.
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Source: WELCOA
Person doing yoga

Virtual Yoga

The Coronavirus may keep us from meeting in person, but it will not keep us from showing our love for yoga! Practice yoga from the comfort of your own home this month with your own personal virtual trainer! Click on the link below to access free online yoga sessions. 

Yoga with Adrienne

Yoga leads to improved physical fitness, increased ability to concentrate, and decreased stress. It's activity that helps both your body and mind and is a great way to relax and rejuvenate.
Podcast symbol
 Tune in to this video to learn how to use an EpiPen in the case of an allergic reaction.
Source : EpiPen Canada
Exercise Your Brain With This Word Scramble!
Coaching Moment
In this video, Coach Hope challenges us to be mindful of food allergies.

Source: Well onTarget
Image of national park
Free Online Activities
National Health Observance for April

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Image of a driver who is distracted by her phone, drinking coffee, & writing notes in a journal.

Many people think distracted driving only involves texting or phone use while driving; this is a myth. Distracted driving also includes adjusting the radio, applying makeup, drinking coffee, etc. Please help keep the roads safer by limiting the distractions in your vehicle. 

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Text Cookbook Corner written on a cutting board.

This month focus on practicing intuitive eating with food you love! Key in on the internal cues your body is giving you. Pay close attention to hunger, fullness, and emotions when eating. Below are some delicious yet healthier versions of favorite comfort foods. 
  Image of sauteed pork chops with garlic spinach
Sauteed Pork Chops with Garlic Spinach from Taste of Home

Image of lighter pot pie

Lighter Pot Pie from Swanky Recipes

Image of healthy blueberry peach cobbler

Healthy Blueberry Peach Cobbler from The Seasoned Mom
Additional Info: To learn more about preventive care, click here. Click here to find out the recommendations for various screenings and tests.

Log into the wellness portal for even more articles on this topic: Health Screening: Finding Problems Early/ Evaluación de salud: Cómo detectar temprano los problemas de salud.
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