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Issue 02 | July 2015

Welcome to Issue 2 of the TSC Support Team digest. This time we're looking at training opportunites for databases you might need to search but which don't form part of the MECIR standards for intervention reviews. If you have any topics you'd like us to cover in future, please let us know!
Training opportunities
In our last issue, we linked to resources on training for PubMed, Ovid and the Cochrane Library. But what about the other databases you might need to search? Here's a selection of useful training guides...


If you use CINAHL via EBSCO, you can go to the CINAHL support center for help.  Tutorials are available as video and via YouTube.  There are also outlines and slides in Powerpoint and Word formats.  Alternatively, visit to sign up for free webinars, these run regularly and the length varies from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the topic.


There's a search tutorial for LILACS in the form of a wiki, visit It contains information on how to search specifically for clinical trials, and how to use the controlled vocabulary contained in DeCS, which is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


There are a number of resources to go to for help with Elsevier's Scopus service. Tutorials (presentations with an audio soundtrack) can be found here, covering searching, reviewing search results and creating alerts. Documents on various topics can also be accessed here.

Web of Science

Training resources can be downloaded directly from the Web of Science website. These include quick reference guides, factsheets and Powerpoint presentations. You can register for live training sessions or listen to recordings of previous sessions, including a session on search tips.
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