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Killer Rock Guitar Phrasing Video Series
Currently I'm working on a new video series called "Killer Rock Guitar Phrasing." In the videos I'll be teaching you and discussing 10 very cool licks. But I'm not just going to show you a lick, I'm also going to show you why the lick is cool and discuss various elements of guitar phrasing that you can take and apply to your own licks and phrasing. At this time I've completed the first 3 videos in the series with more on the way. I've uploaded them to the VIP page so you can view them there or feel free to check out this series and all of my videos on my youtube channel at: and be sure and Subscribe to my channel!
In addition, to the videos you will get exclusive TAB, text, MP3's and Backing tracks related to each video directly from the VIP Page

So, what exactly is Guitar Phrasing anyway?
I get this question a lot and, in a nutshell, phrasing is how something is played and not only what is being played. If we can relate guitar phrasing to speech you can think of how the words you say to someone can take on a whole different meaning depending on how you say them. This concept is very important in your guitar playing because the way in which you play your notes should express exactly how you feel inside, and in turn will have a direct effect on your listeners. So, I think it's important to spend some time working on improving our guitar phrasing in addition to all the other things we practice like technique, learning songs, etc. My hope is that this video series will help you to accomplish that goal. In addition, I'd like to guide you to my articles page on my website in which you will find several articles which all discuss the topic of phrasing in much greater detail. 

Got a Topic you want me to cover?
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