by Natacha Zamor on April 2016

How do you know that you are alive? How do you feel that you are alive?  Both questions bring you to one common element; your heart.  That you refer to it as the organ maintaining a steady blood flow in your system or what is the cradle of your emotions, and the source of that “caring” thing, attention must be paid in order for the heart to do what it does best.

It is imperative that the matters of the heart be discussed!  It is alarming how much the conversation is ignored.  Contrary to popular misconception, communicable diseases is NOT the number one killer; cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is what kills more individuals at a global scale! Being true to Afrofit™ mission, the subject must be addressed in hope that it will be beneficial to as many individuals!


What is CVD? It is defined as a group of disorders of the heart & blood vessels including:

  • Coronary heart disease (blood vessels supplying the heart)

  • Cerebrovascular disease (blood vessels supplying the brain)

  • Peripheral arterial disease (blood vessels supplying the arms & legs)

  • Rheumatic heart disease (damage to the heart muscle and heart valves from rheumatic fever caused by streptococcal bacteria)

  • Congenital heart disease (malformation of the heart structure existing at birth)

  • Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the leg veins that can dislodge and move to the heart and lungs)


CVD does not discriminate, but the incidence is higher in the African American population.  A combination of socio-cultural factors is at play and bringing attention to this killer is of the utmost importance.  Like a lot of diseases and conditions, CVD has taken the 20th century by storm.  The fact that an individual can live with it with no apparent symptoms, contributes to the devastating affects of it and the increased mortality rate. The good news is that there are risk factors that can be controlled and it is our responsibility to bring light to it.  As a Registered Nurse, I am constantly on the educational tangent when healthcare & wellness are concerned.  As the lead Afrofiter, the mission is my driving force and merges my two passions.  It is my purpose to bring awareness, educate & provide tools to encourage the empowerment that knowledge brings.  Among the factors that can be controlled & modified are high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, overweight/obesity, tobacco use, lack of physical activity and diabetes.


Afrofit™ mission is the promotion of an optimum state of health & wellness for all, using the Afrocentric approach as a vehicle.  The primary medium of empowerment of Afrofit™ is via cardio/dance classes that allows our Afrofiters to explore the diversity of afrocentric music and body movements.  Members are encouraged to engage at their level of intensity.  We navigate through a multitude of Afro rhythms and bring awareness to an aspect of physical activity that is not always put to light; Afrobase movement! The satellite mediums  put the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, the embrace of cultural diversity & emotional wellness.


Afrofit™ is a tool to attack these modifiable factors and we encourage you to use it!  The combination of all the mediums can be powerful in initiating the process of regaining control and increasing one’s state of wellness.  Of course, it is always recommended to seek the approval of your primary care provider before engaging in any strenuous form of activity.  We live in a world that forces the individual to create new ways that were originally part of their everyday.  Sedentarism is a plague that must now be actively combatted because it seems like everything in our daily living is geared towards optimizing it!  Afrofit™ is on combat mode and brings you the best of the original Afro-Caribbean body movement to get you started.  With consistency, it is possible to gain control over these modifiable factors and give CVD a run for its money! Early detection is the first line of defense; consult your health care providers and take a proactive approach. Once ready to declare war to CVD,  join Afrofit™ and let us be one of your tools to regain control! Aroooo!!!!  



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