Why Soukous?

TampaBay Afrofit is committed to bring as many opportunities to heighten awareness, educate and empower each and every person that is open to truly appreciate the Afro-Caribbean contribution in our society.  What has been considered exotic for years is reality for many.  And this reality has influenced and shaped this world in subtle and significant  ways.  

This month, TampaBay Afrofit is turning its attention to the contribution of Soukous (and its cousins dances) to the modern Afrocentric counterparts. It has been overseen for a long time.  The origin of it all brings the whole discussion of  culture fusion full circle.  It was the Cuban influence in the 1940 that initiated the precursor to the music and dance that we know today.  It has gone through multiple transformation & divide; from the original Congolese sound to the Kenyan influence, and then Europe, soukous remains the sauce to the modern african music, lifestyle and dances.  

 Brayo Judah is an ambassador for the African culture and lifestyle. The vehicle of choice are usually music and dance! He uses these mediums to teach about his passion and educate.  Brayo will take you on a cultural voyage in the lifestyle associated with Soukous, Mutwashi, N'dombolo & Chakacha. Soukous being the main ingredient of choice that brings all the modern african dances together.  Waistline control and core isolation is an art that demands, just like any movement to be mastered, discipline & practice. It calls on muscle memory and improves with repetition.   A multitude of dances have their base rooted in core isolation originated by the soukous influence; twerking, kuduro, n’dombolo, pop & lock and more.  It is in the effort to bring light to the origins of it all that this marriage came to play.
TampaBay Afrofit’s mission to encourage and accompany each individual in the journey to obtain an optimum state of wellness is based on 3 pillars; awareness, education & empowerment.  Our medium is Afrocentric culture and an inclusive approach that encourage curiosity while challenging barriers & boundaries.  Our vehicle is movement!  A body in motion tends to want to remain in motion… So we emphasize it, accompanied my Afrocentric rhythm and flavor in the body movement.   This is where Afrofit’s passion meets Brayo Judah’s and it all comes together to culminate with the offering of this wonderful 2 days workshop!  It is with pride that we join forces, knowledge, energy & common goals to bring you the first of many opportunities to dig a little deeper and acquire knowledge on the product that is being enjoyed!  
Soukous Workshop December 11th & 12th
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Published on Nov 20, 2015

The 3 Pillars
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