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Afrofit’s Core on Core!
The core of 
music is the backdrop for Afrofit’s core program!

Many who attend my classes or follow me on social media sites, will hear me refer to Core on Core.  What is Core on Core, you ask?
The explanation, just like anything related to Afrofit, is rooted deep in what feeds our strength; the belief that obtaining an optimum state of health & wellness using an Afrocentric approach as the vehicle demonstrate its  contribution to this world!  It is the combination of my interpretation of cultural, musical & communication core & what is defined as the core in the physical education lingo.
Here are various definitions of core:
“The essential meaning”
“A basic, essential, or enduring part of an individual, a class, or an entity”
“A central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature”
The history of music list percussions as the oldest form of musical instrument used by humans approximately 165,000 years ago.  This is the precursor to the drums. The first elephant skin drum dates back around 37,000 years ago.  The western classification of musical instruments has 3 categories; percussion, wind and string. Percussion being the originator of it all, therefore, an essential part of an entity.  In Afrocentric culture, the drums play a vital role.  It was the original means of communication, of diversion, of interpretation. It was the voice that warned of impending danger between and in African villages.  It was the rumble that gathered the masses of an enslaved nation, to fuel a revolt and give strength to take freedom from the oppressor.  The drums give strength, bring joy, awaken inner selves, open chakras, and emancipate spirits! It is the core of music, of a culture, of a lifestyle.  I know it and respect it as my core, my essence!  Recognizing the central  contribution of the drums in our civilization brings us somewhat closer to understanding multiple aspects of our daily lives.  Associations can be made and open a world of explanations, possibilities and connections.
When referring to fitness, core stability relates to the muscles of the trunk.  This group of muscles includes those of the abdomen, back, neck, shoulder blades, around the pelvis, hips, groin & buttocks.  Increasing one’s core stabilization improves posture, balance, strength and movement coordination.  In a nutshell, it helps to protect the body from injury.  A solid and healthy core is what will keep your frame strong, hence reduced risks of abdominal hernias, back pain, or shoulder & neck pain.  
The analogy between the two is clear; the drums are to Afrocentric culture what a strong trunk is to core stability.  It is, in my opinion, the essence of movement when both are combined.  The fusion brings to life the strength that can be fostered through forging in the source of it all.  The physical core gets its power from the musical core and vice versa.  By exploring the mother of all rhythms, it gives one a power beyond words, of understanding the conversation that can take place between rhythms, beats, melodies and signals.    Allowing the body to absorb the vibrations of the drums and almost lose oneself in the musical experience; thus observing an improvement in endurance, movement, and positioning sequence.
Afrofit’s core program is based on the combination of the two; working our physical core on our musical core, Core on Core! Aroooo!!!!

Natacha Zamor CEO

In this line of thinking, TampaBay Afrofit™ would like to introduce theAfrofiters Club; a place where sharing experiences, supporting one another, setting goals together & encouraging each other to reach them will be the focus! It will be part of a membership that includes many advantages to help motivate its members, create a bond that can carry this Afrocentric journey to wellness and togetherness to new heights! Enrollment to Afrofiters Club will be complimentary for its introduction; 14 Days free  trial.  Get to know your club, your group, the Afrofit family!
  • Weekly classes Fees Included
  • Afrofiters Motivation Group
  • Afrofiters various activities
  • Afrofiters Recipes Exchange
  • 10% of Afrofiters Gears (Apparels)
  • Afro Blogs
  • Afrofiters training Tips
  • Live streaming of Afrofiters Classes (Members Only Access)
This mission rests on 3 load bearing pillars; Awareness, Education & Empowerment. 
Afrofit™ is a labor of love; the expression of an amalgam of  experiences & legacies.  It is the projection of a lifestyle that was, that is & that will be for generations to come.  Afrofit™ is to be a beacon to remind us that the Afrocentric culture has an important place in humanity and its contribution is endless.  It was an honor to be invited to cover the wellness section of the University of South Florida's Club Creole in January and to have touched lives. It is with pride that Afrofit™ accepted to be the subject of a short interview  for one of the students that attended the session.  Dadavi Antonio shares with you Afrofit™ through her eyes. 
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