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Dear Friend,

I am so excited to share that we have updated  (VMF) just in time for its 10th birthday and Mexican Independence Day! The refreshed site contains mouthwatering photos of more than thirty 100% vegan Mexican food recipes. Besides being visually stunning, the site is also more user-friendly. True to our mission, VMF also includes information on ethical eating, and just like our main website, it is fully translated into Spanish.

We launched VMF in 2007, the same year Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) started, as it was very important to me that the organization I founded also had my culture woven into it. As an animal rights activist for more than 30 years, and a vegan for almost the same length of time, I have strived to make sure that my culture was not overshadowed or erased by the majority in the movement. It is also important to me to feature vegans of Mexican descent who are creating their own recipes of our food.

It is essential that VMF be there for those of us who are vegan and who want the foods we grew up with to be shared with not only our vegan family (my husband now loves fideo!) but also with those who are Chicanx or Mexican who are interested in veganism and just need a resource for some of their favorite dishes! It is also vital to showcase Mexican foods that are free of animal suffering and demonstrate that you can go vegan while incorporating foods from your culture.

And of course, this is for everyone who loves Mexican food—vegan or not!

Colonization of the Indigenous peoples of Mexico forever changed their lives and diets by bringing in cows, goats, and other animals, which is why many Indigenous peoples and people of color are particularly prone to digestive ailments when consuming non-human animal milk. Since it is not natural to digest milk from another species, F.E.P. considers this to be lactose normal (as opposed to “lactose intolerance”).

One of my favorite Mexican dishes is fideo. Fideo is a traditional dish with wispy vermicelli noodles in a creamy tomato and cumin-flavored broth. I am excited to share this comfort food that melds classic flavors without the animal products. Check it out here!

And for a sweet touch, check out our churros recipe here.

We had such wonderful support in helping with the relaunch of and we are so grateful. Many thanks to the home cooks and chefs who graciously donated their original recipes, the recipe makers and testers, the photographers who took such gorgeous photos, the crew from Food Empowerment Project’s Washington Chapter, our Spanish translators, loads of F.E.P. volunteers who double and triple checked to ensure the site is stunning, and of course the great staff and board of F.E.P. Thank you to Crystal and Chris Tate, who designed and developed this gorgeous site.

I hope that you will enjoy using this resource as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Go on, check it out! and celebrate Mexican Independence Day with VMF!
lauren Ornelas

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