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Food Empowerment Project Newsletter

November 20, 2018

  1. Our Vegan Mexican Food Recipe Booklet Is Here!
  2. Chocolate: Recent Findings on Slavery and Child Labor
  3. Access to Healthy Food: Update on Our Vallejo Healthy Food Fest
  4. Shame on Safeway Days of Action
  5. Veganism: Thanksgiving, Turkeys, and Food Donation Advice

1. Our Vegan Mexican Food Recipe Booklet Is Here!


“As a proud Chicanx and the founder of Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.), it is important for me to share with the community how we can enjoy delicious foods without causing suffering to nonhuman animals. I also want everyone to have a better understanding of how colonization impacted the foods of our ancestors and how we are still dealing with those ramifications today.”– lauren Ornelas

We are delighted that our Vegan Mexican Food booklet of delicious, full recipes is now available in both English and Spanish! In addition to recipes, the booklet is packed with information about veganism and community health, farm worker justice, how colonization has impacted Latinx and Indigenous eating practices, animals’ suffering in the food system, and much more.
Looking for even more vegan Mexican food inspiration? Visit

2. Chocolate: Recent Findings on Slavery and Child Labor

We are delighted that our chocolate app is so widely used. Unfortunately, a recent report put out by researchers at the University of Sheffield on labor practices in the cocoa industry demonstrated that unjust labor practices on cocoa farms remain deeply problematic and more widespread than previously thought. This is not shocking given what we know about the chocolate industry, but it is disheartening.
The accuracy of our list is important to us both because we offer it as a resource for others and because we rely on it ourselves as consumers. We are working diligently to keep the list updated and to reflect new information as it becomes available.

Due to the findings in the Sheffield report and a new U.S. Department of Labor report, we are making changes to our chocolate list. You may have already noticed that the app looks a bit different since we made these updates. We added a new category, removed an unnecessary category, and made it possible to post directly from the app to social media. Read about the report, what we’ve learned, and how we are managing it in lauren’s latest Appetite for Justice blog.

We have long said that veganism does not necessarily equate to cruelty free. F.E.P. is the only vegan food justice organization putting time into researching and informing people about the gross labor injustices pervasive in the chocolate industry. We stand with you in wanting to support companies making vegan chocolates that do not come from the worst forms of child labor or slavery. We’ll keep working on this and will help you stay informed!

3. Access to Healthy Food: Update on the Vallejo Healthy Food Fest

The final count: 350 people attended our third Vallejo Healthy Food Fest in October! They feasted on amazing vegan food and had a wonderful time enjoying all the fun activities. We were especially gratified by the number of people interested in getting more information about veganism.

We love putting on these events and connecting more with community members!
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4. Shame on Safeway Days of Action

Join F.E.P.’s national days of action December 8th-10th, in honor of International Human Rights Day on December 10th! Take part in fighting corporate greed and helping to protect communities across the country!
We have events taking place in Bellingham, WA; Seattle, WA; Washington, DC; Hilo, HI; Vallejo, CA; San José, CA; and Houston, TX.
Visit our website for more details about the specifics for each city!
Contact us if you would like to organize a demonstration where you live! If you can’t make it to a demo, sign and share our petition today.
Did you know that 24 organizations have signed on to our letter calling on Safeway to end their outrageous corporate policy that is harming community health across the country? Do you work for an organization that would like to sign on to our letter or do you know of an organization that might be interested? Sign on to the letter here or send it along to an organization today using this link: 

5. Veganism: Thanksgiving, Turkeys, and Food Donation Advice

F.E.P. joins you in thinking about food justice issues and native rights at this time of year. If you find yourself in need of information to help navigate this challenging season, we are here to help! 

We know Thanksgiving can be a challenging time. Just remember that you are not alone!

The Nutrition Club at Las Positas College in Livermore using our work on food access and environmental racism at their tabling event.
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