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Dear Friend,

Imagine a world where the only tomatoes you can find are canned tomato sauce and where grocery stores move out of urban areas seeking greater profits in more affluent suburbs, leaving your community without access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Sadly, this is the reality for many.

Having fresh fruits and vegetables available is vital for the health of communities. Unfortunately, those most affected by the lack of access to healthy foods are communities of color and low-income communities. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Together, we are creating a new reality…

A reality where no matter the color of your skin or the amount of money you have, you can access fresh and healthy foods for your family.

This is a complicated issue with no easy answers, and Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) works on this issue in a community-by-community basis.

Create this new reality today. Donate.

Meet Ida.

Ida lived off donated food while experiencing homelessness for six years. She was a participant in one of the six focus groups we conducted in Vallejo and lives in a neighborhood where there are plenty of liquor stores but not a single grocery store.

After enjoying her first vegan plate, she let us know that she wanted to go vegan.

Your donation helps bring fresh fruits and vegetables into communities like Ida’s by:

  • Supporting F.E.P.’s reports and focus groups on the lack of access to healthy foods. Currently, the Solano County Health Department is using one such report to “significantly improve community wellness, increase access to healthy food selections, and promote healthier living” – Solano County Health Department.
  • Bringing communities together with speakers, exhibitors, and musicians from their neighborhood while sharing information on veganism, vegan cooking demos, and enjoying culturally appropriate vegan food for free!
  • Helping to bring worker-owned cooperatives in communities like Ida’s by collaborating with the mayor and community members.
  • Take on corporate giant Safeway to demand they end unjust practices that leave some low-income communities without a single grocery store.

By supporting the programs above, and all of F.E.P.’s work, you are allowing Ida a genuine opportunity to go and stay vegan!

Attendees at our 100% vegan Vallejo Healthy Food Fest. For many who attended this was their first vegan event!

We need your help because access to healthy food is a right not a privilege.

Want to take action now? Sign and share our petition to get Safeway to stop their unjust practice that contributes to the lack of access to healthy foods in communities of color and low-income communities. 

Donate Now.

Thank you for your continued support,

lauren Ornelas
P. S. Donate now and a generous supporter will match your contribution—dollar for dollar—up to $50,000 to help to create this new reality. 

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