The National Center for State Courts and Measures for Justice Join Forces to Develop Court Data Standards

Williamsburg, VA

Today the National Center for State Courts and Measures for Justice announced a new partnership to create comprehensive data standards for state and local courts. In an important first step towards full data transparency, the new “National Court Open Data Standards Project” will facilitate and accelerate safe access to county-level court data.

We are hugely excited to be allied with a powerful representative of the courts that can help open the doors to more criminal justice performance data. Like the National Center, we are committed to making access to public data easier and to fostering a climate that supports data sharing and transparency. For more, please see the press release.

MFJ Expands Efforts in California

California has long been a leader in data transparency, embracing the importance of open data both to connecting the criminal justice system to those it serves and to enabling policymakers to craft informed public policy. Given California’s size and scope and importance as a leader in criminal justice data transparency, MFJ has taken steps to represent our ongoing commitment to working in the state and building mutually beneficial relationships with California’s criminal justice state leaders.

To this end, we are thrilled to announce Mikaela Rabinowitz is joining MFJ as the California State Director to support our work measuring California’s 58 counties. Mikaela is a criminal justice research superstar, bringing with her many years of experience leading teams to implement a portfolio of criminal justice planning, evaluation, and assessment projects with cities and counties across California.

In addition, MFJ is honored to have Ret. Judge Harlan Grossman join our California Advisory Council. Judge Grossman spent 21 years on the bench in Contra Costa County. Prior, he was a federal prosecutor and a Contra Costa County deputy district attorney for nine years. He brings to the Council extensive knowledge of the county court system in California.

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June 26, 2018

MFJ Makes News:

MFJ recently released an open source software tool for extracting data from PDFs. Code-named Textricator, the tool frees data trapped inside PDFs.

We've spent two years developing Textricator and have used it to extract tens of thousands of pages of data. MFJ’s Data Evangelist, Steve Spiker, and Senior Developer, Stephen Byrne, announced Textricator at the recent Code for America Summit.

MFJ in the News:

KBPS News reports on how data can be used to measure a D.A.'s performance.

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