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President's Message

by Paul Pikel

Annual Holiday Party & Auction
Meeting 2:30 pm -  7:30 pm

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays and are finding time to spend with your trees.  This is a very busy time for our bonsai as we prepare to repot and plan for major pruning.  Getting soil mixes ready and selecting pots is always a fun and sometimes expensive activity.  We are still looking for volunteers to do a 5 minute presentation on pots, soils, stands, watering, or anything your heart desires.  Please let Adam or Sandy know that you want to do a program and you will receive a raffle ticket for the holiday party.

Our Annual Christmas/Holiday Educational Fun, Potluck and Auction will be held on Saturday, December 12 at the Orange County Extension Center beginning at 2:30 pm. The Club will be providing ham and drinks and everyone else should bring their favorite dish or treat to share.

There will be educational moments with interludes of live, silent and 80/20 split auctions, raffles and the People's Choice Award. So PLEASE bring bonsai trees, supplies, pots, accessories, widgets and gadgets to donate to the auction. Also be sure to bring a tree to display, stand and all if you can and want to win something really cool. The 80/20 split is for those who wish to part with a tree (keep 80% / donate 20% to club). Be ready for raffles and door prizes so get your Lucky Hat on!

See you on the 12th!

It is the Holiday Season already, and the annual Dues are Due. Please See our Treasurer Dave to be sure you stay in good standings with the club. Guests are welcome with no obligation to join. Hope to see you there!!
Membership Dues
Individual, $30;
Family, $45;
Student, $15

Membership entitles you to the Bonsai Societies of Florida magazine, Florida Bonsai, published four times a year, as well as our monthly club newsletter, CFBC Clippings, 2 meetings a month and more. 
MONTH Bonsai Care

Tropicals: Your tropical trees are at a cusp this month, going into the Florida winter. It is probably best to stop major pruning and repotting. Pruning for shape (topiary or hedge pruning) can be continued. Hopefully you have kept the granular fertilizer regimen up but now its time to push the foliar feeding as the cooler nights slow or stop uptake of fertilizer applied to the soil. This principle applies to systemic insecticides/fungicides as well so if you have an pest or disease problem you'll have to use a foliar spray as well. Watch the temps,  Buttonwoods will wilt at 50F, so don't be alarmed. It's best to protect all trees at 40F with a definite "bring me in" at 32F

Deciduous: The deciduous trees in your collection should be dormant by now but may still have some sad looking leaves on them. You can defoliate them if you wish or just wait for the first frost to make them drop. Be careful pruning any live tips as this could cause some new growth and you could weaken the tree for the next year, wasting the energy the tree needs to wake up in the spring. Save your major pruning until the end of next month or February.

Evergreens: You can begin to be work junipers this month, either pruning/wiring or repotting, but not both. Keep in mind that you will need to protect the roots or new growth if we get a hard freeze within 4-6 weeks as the tender new growth won't be cold hardy.
Broadleaf evergreens should be putting out some new growth now but it's too late to perform major pruning. If there is an early freeze, be aware that any new growth on them could be damaged by the freezing temps.
Your pines are in a holding pattern for the next few month. You can remove damaged needles if you want.
For the latest updates and club information please visit

Paul Pikel

Vice President:
Sandy Racinski

Recording Secretary:
 Stephen Cournoyer

Corresponding Secretary:
Adam Lavigne

David Dean



Snacks and Drinks for MONTH

Beverage volunteer: 
Snacks volunteer: 


MONTH Events

Workshop December 11th 
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Open workshop for all to attend.  Bring a tree to work on with experienced bonsai artists


January 8th  Meeting 
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Round Table Program - D&L Nursery and  Rob Addonizio (Taiko Earth) 

Program will include groups of artist that will take time to review members trees and give suggestions and ideas for better development


February 12th  Meeting 
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Visiting Florida Artist - Michael Feduccia

Program format TBD

CFBC Purpose:  To study the horticultural development of trees and shrubs as related to oriental bonsai, their origin and their place in our world, and to share ideas, thoughts and knowledge with those interested in learning the art of bonsai, to the mutual benefit of all.

About CFBC: The Central Florida Bonsai Club (CFBC) was founded in July of 1969 and is a member of the Bonsai Societies of Florida (BSF) and Bonsai Clubs International (BCI). Meetings are on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 7:30 PM at the Orange County Cooperative Extension, 6021 S. Conway Rd., Orlando. Doors open at 7:00 pm for setup, display, social time and Bonsai discussion. 
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