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President's Message

by Paul Pikel

MEETING DATE January 8, 2016
Meeting 7:03 pm - 10:00 pm

Happy New year!!  I hope everyone had a great holiday and some time top work on your trees.  The weather was so warm it was difficult to do most of the hard work but there is always time for weeding and trimming branches.  For January we will be having a very good program.  Rick Jeffery will be doing a hands on workshop with everyone getting involved.  A letter from Rick follows below.  Also Rob Addonizio of Taiko Earth  will be coming to our meeting with lots a high quality bonsai pots for purchase.  Rob offers a wide range of pot shapes and pot finishes.  In fact he even helped me win at the National Bonsai Exhibition in New York in 2014 for Best American Display which included his custom made pot.  

You can see more about Rob and his work at  

Hope to see you all there on the 8th 


We will explore the ABC’s of creating a forest.  This will be a basic beginner program as taught to me by Harold Harvey.  We will be working with young chopped cypress that will look like different sized sticks.  We have approximately 20 trees in 11 three gallon pots.  These are 5 to 6 foot trees that I will chop off (around 27”) prior to the program so I can transport them in my SUV.  Adam is supplying 15 or 20 more smallish cypress.The Program will emphasize design and design pitfalls.  Unfortunately it is very easy to make a forest look very contrived.  (Can you say picket fence?)   Hopefully, club members will bring in an appropriate tray/pot that they will use to create a forest, then take the planting home for some TLC (lots of water) until convention time, when they will donate the forest to be raffled away. If they have any small cypress to donate…that would also be cool.   Any appropriate soil (lots of organics) would be appreciated.  A power saw may make the root and top pruning easier.  Club should provide some wire too.  
Please See our Treasurer Dave to be sure you stay in good standings with the club. Guests are welcome with no obligation to join. Hope to see you there!!
Membership Dues
Individual, $30;
Family, $45;
Student, $15

Membership entitles you to the Bonsai Societies of Florida magazine, Florida Bonsai, published four times a year, as well as our monthly club newsletter, CFBC Clippings, 2 meeting a month and more. 
MONTH Bonsai Care

Tropicals: Keep you eye on the temperatures this month. Some tree are sensitive at 45 degrees while other subtropical can go down to near freezing before you need to protect.   There are many way to protect your trees from simply covering them from a frost to bringing them inside on cold nights.

Deciduous:  Come on cold weather get here and help these trees go dormant.  A front is approaching that should help the trees lose their leaves and prepare them for hard pruning and root work.  No fertilizing until Spring

Evergreens:  Okay its time for needle plucking.  Reduce the number of branches where the candles formed to two.  Needles near the top of the tree for JBP should be reduced to two while lower branches should keep at least three needles
For the latest updates and club information please visit

Paul Pikel

Vice President:
Sandy Racinski

Recording Secretary:
 Stephen Cournoyer

Corresponding Secretary:
Adam Lavigne

David Dean



Snacks and Drinks for January

Beverage volunteer: Rick Jeffery
Snacks volunteer: Betsy Hoagg


MONTH Events

Workshop January 22, 2016
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Open workshop for all to attend.  Bring a tree to work on with experienced bonsai artists


14th Annual Joy of Bonsai - Presented by the Kawa Bonsai Society
Flagler County Extension Office, 150 Sawgrass Road, Bunnell, Florida 32113



CFBC Purpose:  To study the horticultural development of trees and shrubs as related to oriental bonsai, their origin and their place in our world, and to share ideas, thoughts and knowledge with those interested in learning the art of bonsai, to the mutual benefit of all.

About CFBC: The Central Florida Bonsai Club (CFBC) was founded in July of 1969 and is a member of the Bonsai Societies of Florida (BSF) and Bonsai Clubs International (BCI). Meetings are on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 7:30 PM at the Orange County Cooperative Extension, 6021 S. Conway Rd., Orlando. Doors open at 7:00 pm for setup, display, social time and Bonsai discussion. 
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