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Claremont United Methodist Church

The "Weekly Window"

August 12, 2020

In this Issue

  • A Word from Rev. Karen
  • Staff Vacations
  • Our Prayers
  • Musical Meditation
  • Round Table with Bethel AME
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In this Issue, cont'd.

  • Contemplative Prayer Class
  • Reopen Task Force Update
  • News from Insar and Uzma

A Word from Rev. Karen

In our journey through the New Testament this month, we find ourselves on Easter morning and the days that followed for the first followers of Jesus. 
Each year at Easter, we consider a Gospel account of the Resurrection. To consider all four of these Resurrection accounts together is powerful, moving, hopeful.
We will do that together this Sunday.
Often at Easter, I ask myself: What is my response to the Resurrection? 
This question is a powerful one for each of us to consider in the times we find ourselves in.
How can we embrace the grace and hope of Easter and respond in our lives and in our world in ways that help others experience freedom, justice, hope?

I am grateful to be serving in ministry with you all in these times. Your heart and your passion for justice is unparalleled. And your wisdom and knowledge and life experience is rich and diverse and beautiful. 

May we continue to learn well from one another and serve our community our region and the world through all that our faith calls us to through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness.

In prayer and care,
Rev. Karen 
Interim Youth Director Announcement
It is with joy, that we announce that Joseph Makunga will serve as our Interim Youth Director at Claremont UMC.
What amazing testament to the seeds this congregation planted in his young life that he has grown in faith and experience to be the right person at the right time to step in to follow Sara Swift Tharpe -- whose idea it was to ask Joseph!
Watch for news in the Weekly Window from Joseph about what the youth are learning and doing and ways you can help support this vital faith connection.
Joseph will work in collaboration with Children's Ministry Director Dena Dissmyer. They each report to Rev. Martha Morales.
Here are her words of welcome. 
In gratitude,
Rev. Karen

We welcome Joseph Makunga to our Claremont UMC staff as our new interim Director of Youth Ministries. He joins our staff as one who knows the community of Claremont United Methodist Church deeply and well. Joseph has been a part of Claremont UMC since he was a preschooler, attending Sunday School and VBS; singing in the Children’s Choir and learning piano with Barbara Durost and later Katie Ledsinger, who has also taught him to play the organ. Joseph participated in Confirmation and joined the church as a youth. He was active in the Youth Group and participated in the Sierra Service Project (SSP). He became a leader with SSP, serving that organization and through it the community and the youth who participate in their summer work projects.

Joseph shares that his Youth Group experience with Rev. Dan Lewis was foundational to his faith, because he was allowed to question, challenge and even doubt. Through these experiences, Joseph believes his faith was strengthened. He hopes to offer this kind of safe space for our current youth to question and build their faith as they have fun and build relationships. 

Please join in welcoming Joseph Makunga in his new leadership role as interim Director of Youth Ministries.

Rev. Martha Morales

The New Testament in Four Sundays
In the beginning was the Word.
For the four Sundays this August, we will travel through the New Testament together, exploring our Christian origins, our call to New Life, our call to serve, and our call to resist powers and principalities that run counter to our call to justice, lovingkindness, and walking humbly in faith.

This week we consider the Resurrection accounts of the Gospels. This is the story of the resurrection of Christ and it is our resurrection story, as well. Where are we called to embrace anew the grace and New Life we know through faith in Christ?

Each week, if you wish, engage a "Summer Reading" challenge. This week pick a Gospel to begin or continue. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, or perhaps one of the apocryphal gospels. Next week we turn to the letters.

The New Testament in Four Sundays
Our Origin Story
Our Resurrection Story
Dear Christians: Our Letters
Rise Up: Our Revelation


Staff Vacations

Katie Franklin Ledsinger is on vacation August 4 through 17.

We Are Praying For...

If you have someone you would like Claremont UMC to keep in prayer, and list on our prayer list, please email Jessica, Please indicate whether they are to be listed on the public prayer list, or kept private. Please pray for these dear ones on our prayer list, HERE.

A Musical Meditation from Katie

As a special piece for the "Weekly Window," Katie shares an audio of her playing a well-loved hymn! This week's hymn is "I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me." Click HERE and enjoy!

Round Table Discussion with Bethel AME

Contemplative Prayer Class

THIS Thursday, August 13
7:00 p.m. via Zoom

We continue our class on contemplative prayer and practices. Tomorrow, you should receive a reminder email. Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Sue Moore will present this week's class on lectio divina.

Rev. Karen Clark Ristine and Dick Bunce co-facilitate the course. Each class is a stand-alone class. So come to one or come to all. 
The zoom link is the same as is shared for Sunday fellowship and will be sent on Thursday afternoon as a reminder.

Update from CUMC Reopening Task Force

The Reopening Task Force is working on several outdoor, in-person worship experiences. We are currently presenting our plans to the Cal-Pac Conference and hope to begin monthly in-person worship experiences starting in September. We are looking for volunteers who are comfortable helping at events. For liability reasons, volunteers need to be over 18 years old. Volunteers will be needed to direct traffic in the parking lot, to conduct health screenings (take temperatures and ask screening questions), and to register participants. If you would like more information about the volunteer opportunities or would like to volunteer, please email the Task Force at

~  Sara Domonoske (Chair), John Mohl, Rev. Martha Morales, Jared Pugh, Rev. Karen Clark Ristine, Peggy Williams, Curtis Viggers, Pearl Viggers, Reopening Task Force

News from Insar Gohar and Uzma Insar

Dear Claremont UMC,
It has been a long time since we have communicated with you. We hope that you are all doing well, and that you are safe, protected, and healthy. 
We are doing well here. Our kids are growing up, Aaima is now becoming used to living at home and forgetting her school and the school work. Our newly born baby is also growing up well, getting healthy, as when he was born he was a little weak. My ministerial work is slow, but gradually moving ahead. Covid-19 situation is getting better, so there is a hope opening up the churches and other ministerial work soon. 
In our country the media and government officials are now announcing that the risk of Covid-19 is getting low or less, which is causing ease in the lockdown situation and people have started moving around. But we need your prayers for us and our neighbors. 
We have a good news to share with you and your church family that the Christening/Baptism of our newly born son, Ashron took place at our church last month. I am sending you the photos of that occasion. It was performed by our Bishop, who is also the moderator bishop of the whole Church of Pakistan. It was a great privilege and happiness for our family. Please remember us in your prayers and keep in touch. 
With Best Regards,    
Insar & Uzma
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