“Humans are hardwired for storytelling.”   

Dav Rauch

IDEO Portfolio Director

How to Be a Better Presenter: Dav Rauch

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A neuroscientist and a storyteller walk into a bar. Well, it was more like a breakfast spot, but the pairing was unusual enough to be the start of a good joke. Earlier that week, IDEO’s Dav Rauch had given a presentation to a packed room of conference attendees. The neuroscientist, Allan Snyder, invited him to breakfast to chat about Dav’s presentation and share some of his own work. The research he explained over that breakfast led Dav to an epiphany that fundamentally changed his understanding of storytelling and the way he presents information. 

Before we get into that research, you should know a bit more about Dav. Dav is an IDEO Portfolio Director with 20 years of experience in interaction, design, and storytelling in the film industry, including work on the movies Iron Man, Avatar, and Sin City. At IDEO he’s helped craft the Museum of the Future in Dubai, explore consumer autonomous space flight, design male contraception, and lots of other boundary-pushing projects. He’s also an instructor in our online course Impactful Presentations. His ability to think creatively and craft persuasive presentations helps him bring new ideas to clients at IDEO. 

In this episode of the Creative Confidence Podcast, he talks about how to be a better presenter, how to tap into something he calls “the storytelling reflex,” and why it’s so important to prepare your audience before diving into a presentation or talk. 


Learn to craft human-centered presentations in our course Impactful Presentations. You’ll learn to surface what matters to your audience and deliver your message in a way that resonates and inspires action.


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