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Happy Valentine’s Day!

As my special gift to you, my awesome subscribers, I’m sending the first chapter of A Promise Given!  Hope you enjoy it! If you're so inclined, drop me a line and let me know what you think!  

I’ll be running another ARC giveaway of the whole book in a couple of weeks – also just for subscribers, so stay tuned for that!

Chapter 1

     Henrietta paused to look at the photograph in the cheap, gilded frame one more time. It was a picture of Helen Schuyler and her husband, Neils, and their baby daughter, Daphne, taken what must have been years ago. Even as Henrietta sat staring at the people in the photograph, it was still hard for her to believe that they were all tragically gone now. Gingerly she ran her finger along the frame, an overwhelming sadness coming over her once again at the realization that nothing more remained of this little family except the few possessions among which she currently sat.

      Helen had died in the hospital, never having recovered from Jack Fletcher’s brutal attack nearly three months ago, and the cottage had stood empty over the summer until Henrietta had recently volunteered to clean it out. Mrs. Howard had initially declared Henrietta’s odd proposal to be out of the question, that the servants would do it eventually, but Henrietta had practically begged, saying that she needed an occupation separate from the wedding plans and that, anyway, she wanted to. Henrietta had never said it out loud, and she knew that it wasn’t really true, but she could not help feeling at times that she was somehow responsible for what had happened to Helen.

     Despite Henrietta’s pleading, Mrs. Howard had sniffed at her suggestion, saying that Henrietta had precious little free time for anything but to attend to the wedding plans, still slightly irritated by Henrietta and Clive’s decision to marry quickly. In the end, however, after a quiet word in private from Clive, she had acquiesced. Henrietta had eagerly set about her new task, then, earlier this week, but even now, on Friday, she was still not finished. The problem was not that there were so very many items to be sorted, but rather that she was perpetually getting distracted. It was unlike her, but then again, she had a lot on her mind . . .   
Meanwhile . . .
 . . . A Page from my Travel Journal
Exhibit 1:

At The Book Cellar in Chicago on Jan. 26 for Barbara Ridley’s presentation of her book, “When It’s Over.” With authors, Rita Dragonette, Barbara Ridley, Iris Waichler and Linda Gartz.

Exhibit 2:

At Modern Well in Minneapolis, MN on Jan. 28 for their first-ever writers conference!  With owner and author, Julie Silverman Burton, and authors, Annette Gendler and Andrea Jarrell.
Exhibit 3:

At the Round Lake Library’s Romance Panel on Feb. 6 with authors, Rachelle Paige and Melonie Johnson.
 . . . And in Other Exciting News
My article “The Shortest Courtship in History” was published in Women’s World online magazine! 

Read it here!

Upcoming Events . . .
  • Books-a-Million - Book signing and talk: Paducah, Ky. - Feb. 18 - 2-3:30 pm
  • Oak Lawn Library Book Club: Oak Lawn, Il. - March 16 - 9:30 am
  • Murder and Mayhem 2018: Roosevelt University, Chicago, Il. - March 17
  • Chanticleer Awards and Conference: Bellingham, Wa. - April 20-22
Closing Note . . .

“To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and to sing it back to them when they have forgotten.” ~ Arne Garborg
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