Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) Newsletter - 04.2017
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Welcome to the 2nd Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) Newsletter!
We have special outcomes to share with you. Here you have 3 videos that will give you a clear vision of the goal of our project and key explanations about how the final stage of the project "The Roadmapping" is going to be developed. We are sure it will be of your interest. 
Smart buildings focus area VIDEO
Smart mobility focus area VIDEO
Smart mobility focus area VIDEO
We are proud to announce that our policy makers are fully supporting the results of our project and we want to show it to you.
Mrs. Jannie Visscher, VICE MAYOR of Eindhoven
IMM’s Deputy Secretary General Mr. Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu
Mr. Davide Drei, MAYOR of FORLI
DEPUTY MAYOR of Tallinn Arvo Sarapuu
Leoluca Orlando MAYOR of PALERMO
Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) Key Figures
Do you want to check how our cities will look like in the future?
you are only one click away ! 
        Newcastle                                                 Sant Cugat del Vallès
 Palermo                                                                 Murcia
Forli                                                                 Istanbul
Eindhoven                                                            Tallinn
Do you want to share your work? Have you got anything in common with us?
let's celebrate it ! 
Contact and tell us about your work, its scope and aims. We already have many colleagues doing really interesting stuff on the following projects:
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