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Old Portage One-Pager

February 2016

Welcome to the Old Portage One-Pager! This is a brief monthly overview of what's happening in the Old Portage District with a “Thought of the Month” section to share ideas on improving the scouting experience in our District. 
Please consider forwarding the monthly Old Portage One-Pager not only to your Committee members, but also to all of the families in your Unit – We would love to share what is happening in the District with them!

Whats Going On in the OP?

Updates from the District Team

Old Portage Camping

Congratulations to troop 387 for coming in 1st place in the Old Portage Klondike! 2001 came in 2nd and 382 came in 3rd place. Everyone had a blast at Klondike this year! Thanks to Mr. Fasig for heading up such a great program. 
Planes, Trains and Automobiles will be the theme for this Summer's Cub Day Camp! 
All Cubs will be meeting at Camp Butler July 25-27, 2016.
Volunteers and ideas needed.
Call or email Jim Horvath 330-283-4422 or
Unit Commissioners
Congratulations to all of us in the Old Portage District as we were, once again, awarded Gold Level for Journey to Excellence in 2015.  From our District, 46% of Units were Gold; 14% of our Units were Silver, and 7% were Bronze, however, we had 33% of Units who did not reach any of these levels.  The Thought of the Month, below, and the Cub Scout Break-Out session at next weeks’ Roundtable will address in more detail, the importance of Journey to Excellence, not only for the District, but for individual Units.  Remember, the Journey to Excellence surveys are due to be turned in along with your Re-Charters in March.  We will have a Re-Charter Turn-In Party at the March Roundtable, Thursday, 10th March at First Baptist.
University of Scouting
March 5th, 2016 

The University of Scouting is the largest supplemental training course offered by Great Trail Council to Scouting volunteers at all levels. During this fun-filled day, experienced volunteer leaders will present programs to help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge. You will also meet other leaders, gather new resources, and share ideas on building the best possible program for your Scouts.
2016 Friends of Scouting
  • Friends of Scouting presentations have been scheduled for the majority of Units.  Thank you for your invitations to your Blue and Gold Banquets and Courts of Honor.  If you have not yet scheduled a time for an FOS presenter to visit your Unit, please contact Eric Matheny at as soon as possible.  FOS makes up 20% of the Council budget each year which provides all the programming and services, and maintains and runs our two beautiful camps at Manatoc and Butler.
Roundtables are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:15pm at First Baptist Church, Shatto Avenue, West Akron.
  • Attend Roundtable this month on Thursday, 11th February
  • Re-Charter Packets will be handed out to all Units
    -  Eric Matheny will talk about how to have a healthy scouting/work/life balance
    -  Michele Dye will be discussing the importance of JTE 
  • We will also have Pat Gaugler from the Council office at the meeting to share key details for your Re-charter process. She will also be available to answer any questions you may have. 
  • The Council Camp Committee will also be speaking about summer camp and camp cards
  • Don’t Forget:  Send Unit Leaders to Roundtable each month, sign in, and at the District Awards Dinner in April, the Unit with the most number of Roundtable attendees from September to March will receive a “Roundtable Attendance Prize”: A Free Night in a Cabin at Camp Manatoc!
***SAVE THE DATE for April’s Old Portage Annual Recognition Roundtable and Dinner to be held at Faith Lutheran Church, W. Market Street on Thursday, 14th April at 6:30pm***

Reservations are $5 per person and can be made by returning this form to Keith Doyle no later than April 1st 2016. Click here for form. 


We're looking for Nominations!! 

The District Award of Merit
This award is given annually at the District Annual Dinner to recognize Scouters (generally with more than 5 years experience) who have excelled in their roles in the Units.  The District Award of Merit is a Council award and is the highest honor that a District may present for service of an outstanding nature at a District level.
Portage Award
A “Portage” is defined as “the labor of carrying or transporting” by Webster’s Dictionary, and the Old Portage District presents the Portage Award annually to people who have demonstrated the “labor of love” by helping to carry the District over the past year.  We encourage to you start to look at the Leaders in your Unit, catch something outstanding that they have done and to nominate them for one or both of these awards which will be presented at the Old Portage Annual Dinner on Thursday, 14th April, 2016.  Nominations are accepted year-round but the cut off date is March, 28th 2016.
 Click Here to download the nomination form. 

There are so many wonderful things happening out in the Units and there is no shame in highlighting them and recognizing the people behind them.  Please send your nominations for the Old Portage Award and the District Award of Merit to Keith Doyle at

Don’t forget that recruitment is a year-round project and you need to be thinking about your Spring recruitment efforts now – The District Team and your Commissioners are here to help you!
2016 Old Portage
Pinewood Derby

This year's Old Portage Pinewood Derby will be on
April 2nd 
9am-10am will be check in 
10am-Noon will be the race
1st Baptist Church on Shatto Ave. 

More information to come! 
One of the most unique and unusual characteristics of Scouting is that it doesn’t own or operate its Scouting units. The ownership of Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews is vested in community organizations or other groups:  The Scouting movement provides the program, technical help, and special facilities; and the Chartered Organization provides an adequate, safe meeting place and dedicated, capable leadership. Additionally, the Chartered Organization agrees to and adheres to the principles and policies of the Boy Scouts of America.
The BSA renews its charter annually. Likewise, Chartered Organizations renew their commitment to Scouting and their local Council each year, so the charter renewal process is an important fundamental task if Units are to remain in existence. 
As the charter belongs in the hands of the Chartered Organization, not the unit, it is important to capture the interest of as many of the members of the Chartered Organization as possible. One way to do this is to hold a charter presentation ceremony which is an opportunity for the Unit to report to members of the Chartered Organization. If possible, stage the presentation during a regular meeting or activity of the Chartered Organization. Thank the Chartered Organization for the opportunity to present the charter and for accepting Scouting as a program of action for its organization.
The Recharter is the process has three important parts:
Updating your Unit’s roster (including adding/subtracting members, updating contact information    
for individuals or your Unit’s Chartering Organization)

Paying registration fees for each youth and adult member to the national BSA
Paying for group insurance coverage 

Your Unit Commissioners are an important resource for you to use as you recharter, and of course you have the support of the District Executive and the Council Registrar.
Journey to Excellence
Just as rechartering is important to the Unit, completing the annual Journey to Excellence survey for your Unit is just as important.  This survey should be completed and handed in with your recharter, however, it should be worked on throughout the Scouting year.
Journey to Excellence is important for Units for the following reasons:
It provides a framework for planning the year.
It is a method for evaluating your unit. 

It gives guidance in areas where you might do better
It gives specific guidelines and standards of what is considered good performance
It can be an early warning of potential problem areas
It is a recognition for good Scouting
It is a benchmarking tool to get ideas and tips from other good units. 

Again, your Unit Commissioners are a great source of help when completing JTE requirements as is your District Executive.


Yours In Scouting,

The Old Portage District Committee

Donna Axson, District Chair


Dan Gentile, District Commissioner

Keith Doyle, District Executive

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The Old Portage Mission Statement
"Working together, our team of Trained Adult Leaders in the Old Portage District will deliver an outstanding Scouting program that is recognized as the leading youth program in our community. We will positively impact Youth by providing an educational, diverse, safe, and fun program of citizenship, service and leadership while instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”