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  The internet is certainly a powerful and useful tool, but ‘Data Privacy Day’ and ‘Safer Internet Day’ reminded us that without taking precautions to protect our electronic devices, millions of us are leaving ourselves vulnerable to cyber crime. is certainly a website worth visiting as it offers a host of data privacy tips resources, including the following:
  • Keeping your devices ‘clean’
  • Ensuring that your personal information is safe and secure
  • Providing advice to enable parents to ensure their children are browsing the internet safely
  Data Protection Self-Assessment Tool for SMEs  
If you hold or use personal information about your clients, employees or other people, you are legally obliged to protect that information. The Information Commissioner’s Office have launched a data protection tool which is designed to make data protection compliance easier for smaller businesses and organisations. You can self-assess your business online in the following areas:
  • Records Management
  • Information Security
  • Data Sharing and Subject Access
  • Data Protection Assurance
  • Direct Marketing
After self-assessing your business in some/all of these areas, you will receive a detailed report which suggests areas to focus on and actions to prioritise. To use the ICO’s toolkit to assess your compliance with the Data Protection Act, click here
  Want the low-down on UK Privacy Laws?  
  The UK has a handful of privacy protection enacted to keep your personal information safe and secure. If your organisation collects sensitive consumer and employee data, it’s essential to understand your obligations in relation to each law. To read a summary of each law, check out our blog, ‘A Refresher on UK Privacy Laws’  
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