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Confession time...

I have avoided writing this very first edition of my newsletter like the plague. 


Why? No good reason other than it seemed so BIG.  I didn't want to get it "wrong", so I just kept putting it off. But no more. Today I jump, even though it might not be perfect, or everything I envision it will one day be.  

The key is to start even though I might not be totally ready.  To jump anyways, and trust the universe will provide a soft place to land.


My life has been full of mini (this newsletter!), and every now and then giant, leaps of faith.


Like the time I quit my steady-eddy university job to try out a new adventure in no-guarantees corporate America. Or when I left my corporate job 4 years later to follow my dream of being a full time artist. And then 4 years after that when I stepped back into corporate America because I had a hunch it was the right thing to do (I became suddenly single 2 years later, so it turned out to be VERY right).


Each of these leaps was absolutely for my highest good, although I didn't know it at each of those times in my life.


When I was in the process of deciding which path to take and  contemplating many options, I bounced between sleepless, fear-filled nights, and feeling totally compelled to jump off a cliff yelling “yahoooo!!!”.  Read the rest of this story here....


I would love to hear about YOUR last leap of faith, or about the one you are contemplating. Share your leap of faith story by commenting in my blog, or just leave a few words to say hello, for a chance to win an Art Print of "Leap of Faith" to inspire and support your next jump. 

Winner will be randomly chosen on April 13, 2016 from every newsletter subscriber who leaves a comment. 


It takes a lot of courage to step into the vast unknown, and your story of bravery, whether tiny, monumental or somewhere in between, will support everyone who is meant to read this post.

                                          "Leap of faith"_________________________


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One good confession deserves another, right!?!?


Ok, here it is.  I'm a bit obsessed with Instagram. 

It started in November 2015 when I launched my new-and-oh-so-improved website. Soon after, I taught myself how to use Instagram and Facebook, posting to both for the very first time (I'm always a late tech adopter!). Although it was fun to build a community on Facebook with people who already knew me, I got totally hooked with Instagram because it gave me immediate feedback on what I was creating, while quickly connecting with people worldwide who were NEW to my art.

I initially started to post everyday in order to reinforce my commitment to do art for 365 days. So far so good - now on day 136!  My intent is to transform this daily ritual into a long term habit where creating art will seem as essential to my well being as brushing my teeth.

The result - I'm still posting to Instagram and Facebook almost every day, and have grown my IG followers from 0 in November to over 1200 today, and still slowly growing.  

In the event that you don't follow me on Instagram (@catrains_collage) or Facebook, I'll share the highlights of what I shared this past week.

April 1 -
The first step in attracting more abundance into your life is to fully appreciate all of the abundance that already exists, whether you have $100 or $1 million in the bank. The universe responds to what we feel good about, so if we feel joy about what we have NOW, the universe will give us more of that.
Each morning I start my day with a 15 minute meditation, which ends with me thanking the universe for all of the amazing things that exist NOW in my life, from my sweet husband, to my day gig, to my family and friends. What I appreciate expands, period, end of story!

This 3-D collage "Swimming in Abundance" is waiting to inspire YOUR journey to increased prosperity in all areas of your life. More details over here!

March 30 -

If you asked me a year ago if was "a painter", I would quickly say NO! I choose collage originally as my art form because I didn't believe I could paint or draw. Then out of the blue, I started daydreaming about adding paint to a collage, and I followed this whisper a couple months ago and signed up for 2 online painting classes. A huge stretch, but I've been obsessed with paint ever since!

Because painting is a skill I'm developing, I'm sometimes nervous about sharing what I'm working on, but I usually I do it anyways because I want to be honest about my journey to expand art in my life while having a day gig. Here is what I was working on this morning - a work in joyful process.

March 27 -

Have I mentioned that I freakin love to add paint to my collages?!!? Up until two months ago, I had rarely picked up a paintbrush, and now I'm obsessed. This is a detail shot of the third angel painting I'm in the process of creating in @kellyraeroberts online class. Over-the-top, heart opening fun!


Links to inspire your awakening journey


What an amazing and inspired way to work - change locations throughout the day! Start at your desk, then move to a cool park bench, then a coffee house, then a chair in your garden. I HAVE to try this next time I'm home for week for the day gig!


The book "Show your work" gave me the kick in the pants I needed to start putting my art out into the world again.  This short video and blog post by the author Austin Kleon (a fav of mine), is what I'm attempting to do every day, however scary that might be!


When I discovered the work and story of Kelly Rae Roberts, I suddenly realized that others are living my dream, and that it was possible for me to go beyond just dreaming about what I most want.  Read this sweet interview about Kelly, how she got to where she is, and how you can too!

Dearest friends,

I've done it - I've finally written my FIRST newsletter!!! Wasn't near as hard as I made it out to be.  It never is, right?!?

I thank you from the center of my heart for following my awakening journey, and for allowing me into yours.  I PROMISE it won't take me so long to share with you again.  I've almost got the hang of this newsletter thing, and hopefully it will grow like my obsession for Instagram!!

With much love,
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