Flaunt Your Frenchness #35 (February 17-23)
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In 1999, February 21 was declared International Mother Language Day by UNESCO.

That same February 21, 1952, five students from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, gave their lives so that Bangla be appointed official language in what was then East Pakistan, which became Bangladesh after the Liberation War. More information here.
"Mother language" is the calque of a term used in several Romance languages, eg. in French: langue maternelleIn linguistics, "mother language" refers to an ancestral of a language family.
There are many ways you can mark this special day: call your parents, read a comic strip from your childhood, listen to music in your language or go to the theater, as words and language also have a key role in the artistic world.
How do you stand for your native language?
Do you want to fight for French?
Learn more about the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique here. The school board offers educational programs and services geared towards the growth and cultural promotion of the province’s Francophone learners.
Each week, you'll find in this newsletter a small sentence that can be used next time you go to a French speaking country.

To keep in the theme, please find below what you could ask while in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe:
" Quelle est votre langue natale ? "
[Kel ay votr lang natal ?]
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