Flaunt Your Frenchness #31 (January 20-26)
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This week, dive into Pondicherry, a former French trading post that France managed for nearly 300 years in India. Despite the fact that this colonization ended decades ago, the French influence still remains. Click on the images for more info.
Pondicherry keeps many traces of French colonization, although the city is Indianised. Tamil and French are the official languages of Pondicherry. The French language can still be seen on signs and menus, and heard in Pondicherry. Several monuments in the city pertain to the French period along with several cultural organisations, such as the Lycée Français de Pondichéry, which continues to operate under the aegis of the French Minister of National Education.
In the Ang Lee film Life of Pi, the opening scenes are set in the Pondicherry of the hero's early life. The lush gardens, European mansions and elegant walkways leap out of the screen. Pondicherry is "The Indian Côte d'Azur" and "The Riviera of the East", a haven of French style and refinement separated from Boomtown India.
Have you ever stumble across a French feel village while in a non-French speaking country? 
Where was it?
Each week, you'll find in this newsletter a small sentence that can be used next time you go to a French speaking country.

To keep in the theme, please find below what you could ask while in Pondicherry, India
" Où peut-on voir ce qu'il reste du passé francophone ?"
[Oo peuh-tonh voir ceh kil rest duh passay francophone?]
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