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“Est-ce que la maman d'un oeuf de Pâques c'est une poule en chocolat ?”

- A child quote

Easter customs 
Easter Day is celebrate all around the world by different ways.

In Francophone tradition Easter Day is first a religious date and a family gathering. In France, Easter weekend is still very important. It is usual that people don't work for a couple of days.
In that way a big lunch is organized gathering all the family. Many typical dishes are served. First we can find the well-know eggs (symbol of renew and life) and also the lamb (Jesus is the “the Lamb of God”). The famous chocolate is also on the table.

An important tradition is to hide the eggs in the garden to let the children finding them. It is also common to offer a chocolate rabbit to children which represents the renew of life after Winter. In fact Easter Day is always during the Spring.

Did you know...

...A Francophone world organisation exists!


The International Organisation of La Francophonie was created in 1970.

Its mission is to embody the active solidarity between its 80 member states and governments,

which together represent a population of over 890 million people, including 220 million French speakers.

 Its actions respect cultural and linguistic diversity and serve to promote the French language, peace and sustainable development.

10 Hilarious French Expressions 🇫🇷
Humour time
Eddie Izzard - Learning French (with subtitles)
About learning French ...
Vocabulary Block

Because of what we name the "franglais" (mix between French and English) there is many namesakes in both languages . Words are quite the same in writing but the meaning is completely different.
Those are the best ones:

EN: appointment: 1/ nomination ; 2/ rendez-vous
FR : appointements (n m pl) : salary

FR: basket (n) : corbeille, panier
EN: basket: basketball shoessneakers

EN: advertisement: publicité 
FR : avertissement: warning

EN: agreement : accord
FR : agrément (n m) : pleasantnessamenity

EN: annoying: agaçant
FR : ennuyeux : boring

EN: assume : supposer
FR : assumer (v) (tr) : assumer une responsabilité : to take on a responsibility - assumer les conséquences : to accept the consequences
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