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It’s been a challenging start to the new year and the new administration. We’ve seen a wave of anti-immigrant executive orders issued by President Trump, legal challenges to them in the courts, and an alarming increase in both rumored and confirmed reports of arrests by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in our communities.

Now more than ever we want to be sure you have up-to-date information. We hope these NILC resources are helpful to you and your communities. (Check back later this or early next week for translations of the first two resources into languages other than English. Any links to translations will be added to the English version, directly under the resource’s publication date.)

• FAQ: President Trump’s Executive Order Targeting Refugees and Muslims. Updated as of Fri., Feb. 10. The updated edition gives a briefexplanation of how the Ninth Circuit’s decision of Feb. 9 affects implementation of the executive order. Here’s an excerpt: “[T]he Ninth Circuit … issued a decision denying the Trump administration’s request that the court lift a temporary restraining order (TRO) which requires that the government not enforce most of the [order]’s provisions. The TRO was issued by a federal district court in Seattle on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. The Ninth Circuit’s decision converts the TRO to apreliminary injunction, which means that the freeze on implementing certain parts of the EO will remain indefinitely unless this Ninth Circuit decision is overturned on appeal.”

• Understanding Trump’s Executive Order Affecting Deportations and “Sanctuary” Cities. This fact sheet summarizes and analyzes an order Trump signed on Jan. 25. Among other things, the order calls for tripling the number of officers available for immigration enforcement, drastically expands who the government considers a priority for deportation, makes it easier to deport immigrants without due process, and threatens to take away critical federal funding from jurisdictions that have sought to build trust with their immigrant residents.

• Sanctuary City Toolkit. This toolkit for advocates includes talking points and facts sheets on state and federal anti-“sanctuary” bills; legislative testimony, legal research, and letters of support from local and state government officials, community leaders, and immigrant, civil rights, domestic violence and labor organizations; examples of media advocacy; and more.

• A know-your-rights fact sheet (with wallet card) to help people prepare for encounters with immigration agents or other law enforcement (available in Arabic, English, Korean, Spanish, and traditional and simplified Chinese).

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