Newsletter 14: January 13, 2020

Welcome Back!

Welcome back T-Birds, and happy new year! As with the new year come new changes. Though most of you know this by know, we would like to give our new CDI Director, Joel Berrien Jr., a warm newsletter welcome. He wrote a poem, and with his permission, we have elected to share it with you all:

The Rebirth of Hope

Though surrounded by Suppression’s ubiqitous shell,
Suspended in time’s dubious, gelatinous gel,
Within the jaundiced space where darkness fell
We’re alive but not yet living

As we struggle to escape our precarious state,
Some freeing ourselves from the curse of self-hate,
Pressing against the shell that held our fate,
Our new beginning begins

Blinding is the light that comes piercing through
As our shell of suppression finally breaks in two
Causing all old things to now become new…
The rebirth of hope ensues

We will no longer strain to see through our past captive haze
Our future will now have clearer days
Complete with sunsets of faith yielding optimistic rays
As we truly deserve

Feelings of filling occur as we inhale life’s air
Deep gasps of confidence precede exhalations of care
For our family and friends, with whom we will share
Our divine existence

Let’s step away from the shell and stretch our legs,
And feed from the wisdom from which the wise have fed,
Prepared by life’s experiences, dreams deferred, and tears shed
Let’s believe in each other

The time has come to be all that we can be…
Amid residues of cultural genocide and Willie Lynch’s legacy…
Or the iniquitous stance by many on inequality, immigration, and indigenity…
Let’s spread our wings and fly!

Let’s soar high above the temptations to hate and begrudge
Let’s soar high above the ignorance and intolerance of bigoted thugs
Let’s soar high above familial strife and cultural tugs
Let’s spread our wings and fly!

For King said, “The time is always right to do what is right…
Darkness cannot drive out darkness…only light
Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night
Already devoid of stars”

So, let’s not slip past the spot of the last slip knot on our providential rope
Let’s double-dutch in faith while exhaling exhalations of hope
And focus on the tic-toc of joy’s clock that the Spirit invokes
In God we trust

Lastly, let’s learn to savor the Reece’s-like flavor of inclusion and diversity
And celebrate our preferences, faiths, disabilities, and ethnicities
In order to become‘ohana, comunidad and t’ááłá’í ídlíínii…truly
We are one

CDI Student of the Month

Our December Student of the Month is Mahala "Molly" Sutherland!

Molly is a bright presence in the CDI, one that can light up the room with only a smile. Her nominator emphasized that she was always there for them, and was available to talk about anything, to simply lend a caring ear, or to offer advice where she can. 

Currently, Molly is a Sophomore majoring in Sociology, and is the secretary of the Native American Student Association.



Identity and Positive Psychology Research: Participants Needed!
Professor Julie S. Johnson-Pynn is looking for some volunteers to take a couple of surveys on the subjects of identity and positive psychology. Please contact the Beacons or email us at for more information.

Dancing Icons: A Thunder Dance Crew show
Come to the show on Thursday, January 23 at 6 PM in the Church Auditorium of the Student Center to get your socks knocked off as the Thunder Dance Crew take to the stage and show off their moves. 

Bingo Night
On Thursday, January 23, the Student Planning Board will be holding a "tacky tourist" themed bingo night from 7 to 9 PM. Get ready to bring out your fanny packs and hats and win a prize in the bingo.

Black History Month
Next month is Black History month. Join us to celebrate and remember what it means to be an African American in the United States at the following events:
  • Black History Film Showing. Next month, we will be showing three films on black history. Please join us in watching the films Harriet, Blackkklansman, and Queen & Slim. The first movie, Harriet, will be showing on Monday, February 3, in the Starlight Room from 5 to 8 PM.
  • Mardi Gras and Jazz Night. Join us for a Mardi Gras themed Jazz Night! Location and time is TBA, but it will be held on Tuesday, February 25.
  • Black Student Union Step Show. The CDI is proud to support the Black Student Union with their step show. They have been working for months on end, practicing and planning for a high-energy night that showcases their stepping talent. It will be held on Friday, February 28.

Our Clubs!

Asian American Student Alliance (AASA)
Club President: Sabrina Kim
Social Media: IG @suu_aasa
Meeting: every other Monday, 6 PM, CDI (ST 101)

African Union Club (AUC)
Club President: Nouman Kante
Social Media: IG @suu_a.u.c
Meeting: every other Friday, 5 PM, CDI (ST 101)

Black Student Union (BSU)
Club President: Malaysia Phang 
Social Media: BSU Facebook, IG/Twitter @suu_bsu
Meeting: Wednesdays, 6:30 PM, CDI (ST 101)

Latino Student Alliance (LSA)
Club President: Stacy Soto
Social Media: LSA Facebook, IG @suulsa
Meeting: Wednesdays, 5 PM, CDI (ST 101)

Native American Student Association (NASA)
Club President: Morgan Whiskers

Social Media: NASA Facebook, IG @nasa_suu
Meeting: Tuesdays, 6 PM, CDI (ST 101)

Polynesian Club
Club President: Aoise (Ise) Talamoni
Social Media: PC Facebook , IG @suu.poly
Meeting: every first Monday, 6:30 PM, CDI (ST 101)

Pride and Equality Club (PAEC)
Club President: Malachi Morehouse
Social Media: PAEC Facebook, IG @suu_paec
Meeting: Thursdays, 6 PM, CDI (ST 101)

UndocuMigrant Alliance (UMA)
Club President: Nestor Zapata 
Social Media: IG @uma_suu
Meeting: Thursdays, 8 PM, CDI (ST 101)

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) exists to validate the multiple identities present on our campus, while integrating the voices and experiences of marginalized people. We provide emotional, social, and financial support to students from historically underrepresented communities (e.g. students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, first-generation college students, etc.)

The CDI collaborates with campus partners to foster a learning environment that respects multiple perspectives and differences through multicultural clubs, workshops, trainings and cultural programming. The CDI invites members of the campus community to join in conversation about how to cultivate an inclusive, safe, and welcoming campus culture.

Sharwan Smith Student Center, Room 101

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