Davis Anime Club • Week 5 • February 3rd - February 9th

Ready, DAC?

We hope that your week 5 is going great and that midterm are finishing up well! Last week we had an exciting game of pictionary between the Tsu and the Arachnids in club. We had fun going to Open Rice Kitchen for AfterDAC and lots of us also ate much as we could at Oz’s KBBQ on Saturday! We’re looking forward to more exciting events this coming week so stay tuned!
Spring T-Shirt Contest
Want to see people wearing your work? Lots of people might be wearing your art if you submit a cool design to our spring T-shirt contest! Try it out, and multiple submissions ARE allowed. There is a max of 3 colors, but you can do a front and a back. Also if you win you get your own shirt free! Please send submissions to by February 23rd and we look forward to your entries! 
SK Challenge: Shop with Senpai!
January 2nd - February 10th

Our selection this week:



Art Team
SCC Room C @ 1 - 4 pm
Make art with your fellow DAC members— artists of all levels are welcome!
Regular DAC Meeting
Wellman 126 @ 8 - 10 pm
▶ Dagashi Kashi, Kyousougiga, DACtivity, The Heroic Legend of Arslan
At Davis Anime Club, we love anime, and we want you to enjoy watching it with us too! Join us and treat yourself to an anime about sweets, an anime filled with pretty visuals and colors, and a suspenseful anime about a prince!


Regular DAC Meeting
Wellman 126 @ 8 - 10 pm
▶ Osomatsu-San, Akagami No Shirayuki Hime, Erased, Lupin III
If our anime on Wednesday wasn't enough for you, or you weren't able to make it, we have more anime for you to enjoy on Thursday. We'll be showing a comedy, a nice anime about a red-haired girl, nail-biting suspense about a protagonist trying to prevent a crime, and Lupin!

Taqueria El Burrito @ 10 pm - midnight
After watching anime, grab some great Mexican food with DAC members!.



noitaminA Club
Hart 1130 @ 8 - 10 pm
Nodame Cantabile, Fractale, Paradise Kiss, Samurai Flamenco
Come see new shows that break the shounen mold!



Thrift Store Run!
MU Bus Circle @ 11am-2pm
Looking for some sweet $1 treasures or good cosplay materials? Well get ready for the Woodland Thrift Store run! We’ll be hitting up the Thrift store outlet and Salvation Army in Woodland then swinging back to Davis and checking out the SPCA thrift store and bookstore. We meet at the MU bus circle on Saturday at 1pm and leave at 1:15pm, and this is a carpooling event so PLEASE CONTACT ARI IF YOU CAN DRIVE!
Thrift Stores aren't generally expensive, and how much to bring is entirely up to you and what you anticipate buying. Anywhere from $5 to $20 is a pretty safe amount to bring, though you can get great things for less and people are welcome to bring more. :)
ALSO right after we’ll also be having a fundraising event at Lazi Cow so please make sure to get a flyer during this week’s meetings! See you all then!


Cosplay Team
SocSci 80 @ 1-4pm
This week we’ll be having a work day! If you'd like anyone to bring any tools like heat guns or a sewing machine, please talk to Anna or post on the fb group. 



Darker than DAC
Hart 1130 @ 8 - 10 pm
Shinsekai Yori, Ghost in the Shell, Ajin, Ergo Proxy
Look for these intense shows that you will not find in regular DAC. 



Hart 1150 @ 8 - 10 pm
Fist of the North Star, Urusei Yatsura, Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl, Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Revisit gems from the past, that influence shows today. We voted on what to continue last week, so come and see if we unveil some new different anime!
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