Davis Anime Club • Week 6 • February 10th - February 16th

Tired of midterms, DAC?

We hope that your week 6 is going great! Last week, we had surveys and some memorable rounds of AniMadLibs in club. We had fun going to Taqueria El Burrito for AfterDAC, and lots of us also found some great finds at our Thrift Store Run on Saturday! Our Lazi Cow fundraiser was a great success and we sincerely thank everyone who came! We’re looking forward to more exciting events this coming week, so stay tuned!
SK Challenge: Shop with Senpai!
February 10th - February 16th
This Week’s challenge is Valentines with Senpai! Spread the affection and exchange friendly chocolate (or another present) with your SK pair! Whether it's a card, candy, flowers or anything else, use this chance to tell them you appreciate them.
Spring T-Shirt Contest
Want to see people wearing your work? Lots of people might be wearing your art if you submit a cool design to our spring T-shirt contest! Try it out, and multiple submissions are allowed. There is a max of 3 colors, but you can do a front and a back. If you win, you get your own shirt free! Please send submissions to by February 23rd. We look forward to your entries! 

Things for you to love this week:



Art Team
SCC Room D @ 2 - 4 pm
Make art with your fellow DAC members—artists of all levels are welcome!
Regular DAC Meeting
Wellman 126 @ 8 - 10 pm
▶ Dagashi Kashi, Kyousougiga, DACtivity, The Heroic Legend of Arslan
At Davis Anime Club, we love anime, and we want you to enjoy watching it with us too! Join us and treat yourself to an anime about sweets, an anime filled with pretty visuals and colors, and a suspenseful anime about a prince!


Regular DAC Meeting
Wellman 126 @ 8 - 10 pm
▶ Osomatsu-San, Akagami No Shirayuki Hime, Erased, Lupin III
If our anime on Wednesday wasn't enough for you, or you weren't able to make it, we have more anime for you to enjoy on Thursday. We'll be showing a comedy, a nice anime about a red-haired girl, nail-biting suspense about a protagonist trying to prevent a crime, and Lupin!

In-N-Out @ 10 pm - midnight
After watching anime, grab some classic burgers and fries with DAC members!.



Davis Art About!
Bike Museum @ 5 - 7 pm
Join us as we explore great art in a variety of mediums and enjoy delicious refreshments in Downtown Davis! Look for Alex at the Davis Bike Museum on 3rd and B street at 5 pm to join in!

noitaminA Club
Hart 1130 @ 8 - 10 pm
Nodame Cantabile, Fractale, Paradise Kiss, Samurai Flamenco
Come see new shows that break the shounen mold!



DAC Voice Acting Club
Wellman 123
Check out Voice Acting Club for a chance to try dubbing your favorite anime and manga. This week we’ll be picking some clips we want to dub over!

Video Game DAC
Geidt 100
This Saturday, we’ll be having Date Sim Night! Join us as we embark on trysts with a variety of romantic partners including . . . birds? We’ll also be having pizza at 2 slices for a dollar, so look forward to it! 


Darker than DAC
Hart 1130 @ 8 - 10 pm
Shinsekai Yori, Ghost in the Shell, Ajin, Ergo Proxy
Look for these intense shows that you will not find in regular DAC. 



Hart 1150 @ 8 - 10 pm
Fist of the North Star, Ranma 1/2, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Aim for the Top! Gunbuster
Revisit gems from the past, that influence shows today.
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