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Do you have plans for new activities for the New Year, getting ready to open your doors again when the Government Plan B ends or need some administrative help?  Look no further…we at the DDCVS can help with your printing, copying and paperwork.
If you have an event to promote we can design and print colour posters for you or perhaps you want to ‘spread the word’; we can print booklets, newsletters, leaflets – single or double sided, folded or not; the possibilities are there for you.
We offer a 48 hour printing turnaround service but if you need it quicker we’ll try our best for you.
You can email enquiries@ddcvs.org.uk with your printing requirements or call us on 01629 812154 to arrange a time to see us with your ideas!
Please download our a guide to our charges here
Please note that we have had new telephone system at DDCVS. When you dial 01629 812154  you now have the option to choose who you would like to speak to.
Some of you may just know us by name, and not our job title. Here is a reminder of all the staff, old and new, at CVS and their job title.
  •  Zoe Beesley – Social Prescriber / New Connections
  •  Harriet Brown – Social Prescriber / New Connections
  •  Rachel Metcalfe – Community Voice / Farming Life Centre
  •  Rob Mitson – Finance Manager
  •  Neil Moulden – CEO
  •  Sarah Paisley – Senior Development Worker
  •  Debbie Rushworth – Social Prescriber / New Connections
  •  Janet Smith – Finance Manager
  •  Shuk Woo – Administration and Facilities Manager
  •  Polly Yates – Development Worker
Thu 13th Jan - Thu 13th Jan
10:30am - 12:00pm
Our next Coffee Morning will be on Thursday 27th January at 10.30.
It will be a chance to meet our new development worker Polly Yates who started at CVS last week.
This week we will be hearing from Rachel Metcalfe with an update on Covid, from Di Cliff – Memory Lane and Phill Alcock on local walking groups.
We have booked our Zoom for a regular Coffee Morning every other Thursday and the next set of dates will be: –
  •  10th February
  •  24th February
  •  10th March
  •  24th March
Speakers over the next period include Henry Jacob at Young Lives vs Cancer; Mary Pope on Bakewell Tools for Self-Reliance; Bill Purvis – Healthy Homes; Richard Pertwee from the Challenge Hub; Sam at Derbyshire Cancer Buddies and Josie Kilner from Tideswell Community Orchard.
If you would like to join a Coffee Morning please email enquiries@ddcvs.org.uk for the Zoom link or telephone 01629 812154.
We were very sorry to hear of Councillor Lewis Rose’s passing earlier this year.
The longest serving councillor on Derbyshire Dales District Council, Councillor Rose OBE was the last founder Member of the authority still serving, dating back to Local Government organisation in the early 1970s. He was Leader of the Conservative group for 45 years until 2019.
At the CVS we had worked with Cllr Rose on the Peak Leader grants panel where he was Chair for a number of years, as well as during our time supporting the Wirksworth swimming pool move from local authority to independence.
He was very pleasant, and professional to work with, and his contribution to the Derbyshire Dales community will be very much missed.
You can read his full obituary on the Derbyshire Dales District Council website.
You may remember that in the last newsletter we included an ‘easy-read’ newsletter from NHS England.
This went some way to explain the services from the NHS and the new Integrated Care Systems.
This time there are three other documents that you can download as PDFs which explain the History, the Vision and the Process.
Karen Lloyd from Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust will be giving a talk at the Derbyshire Dialogue on 23rd Feb, see – https://derbyshireinvolvement.co.uk/derb ...  as well as at our Coffee Morning on 24th March, if you have any questions.
“If I had started this piece with – Rural Domestic Abuse Awareness – how many of you would have thought ‘This isn’t relevant to me, domestic abuse doesn’t happen in my village’,” says Emily Brailsford of the Willow Project at Rural Action Derbyshire.
“But domestic abuse doesn’t just affect unemployed people who live in towns and cities. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. Statistics show that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life. That means that when you go to market, or the pub or to a WI meeting or other group, it is more than likely that someone there is affected by domestic abuse.
Domestic abuse isn’t always about a black eye or a split lip; coercion and control is also a crime. In 2015 a law came into effect which includes coercion and control. The Government definition of Coercive behaviour is “an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim”.
So, whilst you might not know of anyone who is hitting their partner, do you know of anyone who is isolating their partner from family and friends? Or anyone who controls where their partner can and can’t go and monitors every minute of their day?
The Willow Project delivers free training to help you spot the signs of abuse.
The training, which is free to anyone living or working in Derbyshire (the cost is £35+VAT for those who live outside of Derbyshire), will help you become more aware of signs of abuse and how to support and signpost a victim.
If you would like to attend the training, please visit https://www.ruralactionderbyshire.org.uk ...
Or for further information please email e.brailsford@ruralactionderbyshire.org.uk or call 07594 088 858
Please remember if you are in danger call 999.
On 1 December the NHS Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group launched a consultation on Mental Health Services for Older People.
This consultation is asking local people to share their views on proposals to relocate two services for older people with mental health conditions to new facilities in the county. 
The proposal is that services move from Pleasley Ward at the Hartington Unit in Chesterfield, to Walton Hospital in Chesterfield and Ward 1 at London Road Community Hospital Derby to Tissington House at Kingsway Hospital in Derby.
Information can be found on https://www.derbyshirehealthcareft.nhs.u ... which includes a link to an online survey and other ways to feedback.
The consultation will run until 1 February so there is still time to give your comments.
If you have any questions or would like to feedback in another way, please contact ddccg.enquiries@nhs.net
Applications invited The Vernon Robert Bowmer Charitable Trust is established for the purpose of supporting residents of Derbyshire and its charitable organisations, voluntary organisations, educational establishments, churches, community societies and community groups for the public benefit and with the objective of improving the conditions of life for residents of Derbyshire.
The Trust has granted funds between £750 and £50,000 to projects and causes in Derbyshire. Organisations are invited to apply for funds of £500 and over.
Application is by email to vrbct@shacklocks.co.uk and must include details of the applicant organisation including structure, mission or purpose, how the funds applied for would be used, how the proposed use meets the objects of the Trust and will improve the conditions of life for residents of Derbyshire, any other relevant funding required and whether that has already been secured.
The application deadline is 30th June 2022. It is expected that applications will be considered within 4 months of receipt however decisions may take longer.
The aim of the Youth Investment Fund (YIF) is to create, expand and improve local youth facilities and their services, in order to drive positive outcomes for young people, including improved health and wellbeing, and skills for work/employability and life.
BBC Children in Need was selected to distribute phase 1 of this funding on behalf of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
Applications can be submitted from 31 January 2022.
Phase 1 comprises £10m for youth provision in left-behind areas of England, and is funding for small-scale capital projects, including capital equipment, small redevelopments and other capital projects that can be delivered within the 21/22 financial year (by 31 March 2022).
Please check the guidance below carefully. The requirements and eligibility for this fund are different than those of BBC Children in Need funding programmes.
https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/gran ...
Grants are available to public and not-for-profit organisations across the UK for projects that aim to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy and low carbon technologies.
Funds of between £5,000 and £50,000 are available, and in exceptional cases higher amounts of up to £100,000 will be considered.
  •  The Foundation supports education and engagement programmes, funds research and facilitates innovative solutions to drive widespread adoption.
  •  Funding is usually awarded for specific time-bound projects that meet the Foundation’s mission of accelerating the widespread adoption of renewable energy and low carbon technologies.
  •  Projects should have a UK-wide impact, either through having a national reach or through developing/demonstrating an innovative approach that could be replicated, adapted or scaled up.
Email: info@mcscharitablefoundation.org
A match funding campaign for charities which are working on environmental issues as part of their core mission. All public donations made to participating charities via theBigGive.org.uk during the week of the campaign (22 – 29 April 2022) will be matched up to a specific amount.
Each participating charity will be awarded a ring-fenced amount of match funding which will be used to match public donations – either £2,500, £5,000 or £10,000.
Match funding is being provided by The Big Give’s Champions. (Philanthropists or funders who are interested in becoming a Champion can contact the Big Give).
The application deadline for the Green Match Fund is 11:59pm Friday 25th February.
For further information on the Green Match Fund and how to apply, please visit the Green Match Fund page.
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