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Rehabilitation Research News: August 22, 2022

From the Director's Desk

I want to thank the speakers and attendees for the wonderful workshop hosted last week by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and NICHD to review the progress of the 2017 NINDS/NICHD Strategic Plan for Cerebral Palsy Research. The meeting recordings are available on the NIH VideoCast page, and a meeting summary will be posted to the website. 

BREAKING NEWS! The Training in Grantsmanship for Rehabilitation Research (TIGRR) application External Web Site Policy deadline has been extended to Friday, August 26! If you are thinking about putting in your first NIH application in the next year, please consider applying for this incredible mentoring and grant writing opportunity. More details are available at the end of the newsletter. 

The Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource (MR3) Network is hosting their second annual scientific retreat, Rehabilitation Clinical Trials: Innovations, Designs, and Tribulations, on September 29–30, 2022, via Zoom. For more information and to register, please visit the retreat website External Web Site Policy


Training in Grantsmanship for Rehabilitation Research Application Deadline Extended

The original application deadline for TIGRR was August 5. Although we received a good number of submissions from applicants, we later heard that numerous people had not received information about the workshop and that the deadline was not clear. We are therefore going to reopen the applications and extend the deadline to 12 midnight PT on August 26.

Visit the workshop website External Web Site Policy to learn more about TIGRR and for application information.

Notices and Funding Opportunities

NICHD Notices and Funding Opportunities

NIH Notices and Funding Opportunities

Other Notices and Funding Opportunities: National Science Foundation

Please find links below for the latest information about the National Science Foundation’s fiscal year (FY) 2022/2023 Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) program topic: Brain-Inspired Dynamics for Engineering Energy-Efficient Circuits and Artificial Intelligence (BRAID). Given BRAID’s core requirement of theoretical expertise in brain function, we strongly encourage participation from interested members of the theoretical and computational neuroscience research communities.

Letters of Intent are due by September 12, 2022, and Preliminary Proposals are due by October 13, 2022. Full Proposals from anyone invited to submit will be due by February 7, 2023.

To receive feedback on your ideas, please send a one-page white paper (or any questions) to or

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