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Greetings from the Grand Secretary

MW Sam Roberts, PGM, Grand Secretary

Where’s Sam
Getting ready for the Annual Communication.
The Grand Lodge Operations Budget is nearly complete, and Brethren, you are not going to like the results.  The bottom line is this: Membership is down and so is the income that is based on the number of memberships. This will not come as a surprise, but costs are up!

The Deputy Grand Master and every member of the Committee on Finance have gone through the numbers. Right this very minute, we are currently under 11,000 Master Masons. While some Lodges are seeing new petitions, that number, as well as advancing candidates, is also down. Like so many of our Lodges, drastic and long-term measures will have to be taken. The Finance Committee is preparing several Grand Master Recommendations for the Communication in June.
The Buyer is as committed as ever and has been working with the City and neighbors to push the sale to closing. The feedback from the recent open house was nearly 100% positive. The city appreciates that the buyers have a proven track record of similar projects and the neighbors like the idea that the front of the building remains the same while the front lawn becomes a city park.
Social Media. Too many people think it is OK to say anything about anyone on social media. There are two things one should know before posting something mean, untrue or an unfounded opinion.  First, NOTHING ever goes away on social media. Server farms with unlimited storage keep every byte and can recall it whenever. Second, our landmarks prohibit Masons from discussing Religion or Politics in Lodge and the Freemason should never talk about them anywhere else.

There are three topics that bring a persons’ passions to the surface and have led to open war.  Women (remember Helen of Troy), religion and politics. If you are identified as a Freemason (or affiliated) on any social media site, perhaps the landmark prohibitions should be your guide. If you are anonymous and feel a need to comment on one of the BIG THREE, then do so, but always remember that being a Freemason is 24/7. Factual, logical and civil dialogue is always better than showing a lack of education and social graces and reverting to foul and vulgar language, innuendos and cheap shots. Besides, keeping it nice and clean always makes ‘em mad.
Civility Quote
When having the last word, make sure that it leaves a lasting smile.
Grand View
The super vast majority of the Lodges have given the new database system a thumbs up.  We are still uncovering wrong or missing data, but are working our way through it.
The Grand Lodge provides $1,000,000 of general liability coverage for the Lodge for Masonic Events. Proof of insurance is often required for parades, renting space, etc. This proof of insurance is available through PayneWest Insurance at 877-455-6767. This general liability covers bodily injury and property damage to a third party, personal injury, and medical. Also provided is $5,000 coverage for Lodge property; items that are Masonic in nature. There is a $500 deductible.

Temple Boards and building associations are not a part of this program and need to purchase their own general liability coverage as the building owner. (ps: They should also require a proof of insurance from their renters.)

Public Relations
‘Becoming a Mason doesn’t make you a better person.  Oh wait, yes it does!’

According to a recent survey, there are 53 MILLION men who might consider Masonry, IF…. Some are not aware that there are Freemasons; others have heard about Masons, but don’t know who or what we are; some are surprised that Masons still exist; a few know that Shriners are Masons, but don’t know who to ask or how to join. Here is a sample of questions a Mason (you) might ask of a well-qualified and worthy man. “How important is Honesty and Integrity to you?” “Would you rather associate with people that are well known for being honest and who’s word and a handshake is still their bond?” “Did you know that Freemasons, a 300-year-old Fraternity of men, have the same commitment to being honest and upstanding in all their dealings with society?” “Have you ever thought about being a Freemason?”

Then… 6 step (or 7 or 8 or 9 step) or whatever it takes to get to know that man as a Brother as evidenced by his family, friends and environment. Mentor as a Mason and coach as a friend, that he will never (ever) regret stepping into a Lodge room or Lodge meeting. Ensure that he is not just a man, but a Mason and proud to be one.
Island Time
Ever dreamed about living on an Island and living the quiet life?  Your Grand Lodge can help.  Located on Anderson Island in Puget Sound off the coast of Steilacoom, this secluded wooded lot would make a great weekend getaway. This lot will be sold this year to the best offer. Call Clint in the Grand Lodge Office for the details.
Suggestions for the Annual Communication

  • “Reserve seats near the speakers for those that are hearing impaired.”
Wireless hearing devices that are linked to the sound system are available upon request. Contact the Grand Lodge office if you want to reserve one.
  • “Put a flyer in our Grand Lodge packets that tell us some information about our youth groups such as: How many members they have, what projects they are doing, what percentage of them go into our adult groups?”

An invitation to the adult leaders of each group to provide pertinent information has been sent.
Ideas from around the Jurisdiction
Increase awareness of your Lodge and Masonry in your community – Contact your local Blood Bank and host a Blood Draw in your Lodge.  There is no cost to the Lodge and it helps the Blood Bank and everyone in your community that they serve.

Increase Attendance – Contact a local Tupperware, Chef or Scrapbook agent for a “public” party at the Lodge during your next Stated Meeting. Invite the Ladies and their friends. Involve a fun activity for the Lodge ladies who will bring their men, while you’re paying bills!
A Hot Topic
Annual Communication is June 8th and 9th. There are several Resolutions and recommendations that merit your due consideration. As these will have far-reaching impacts on the Masons in this Jurisdiction, it would be a good idea to read, discuss and understand the legislation being presented.

Personal Note to Chantal,
There is no way to tell you how much you will be missed. The work and attention to the smallest detail have made the Annual Communication and the Lodge Leadership Retreat a success every year. Your support for the Lodges and the office has resulted in new,  more efficient processes and better information for all. We wish you every success in your new position and ask that you not forget us.

- Sam and the gang

From the desk of the Assistant Grand Secretary
VW Clint Brown, Assistant Grand Secretary

It was great to see everyone who attended the Lodge Leadership Retreat in Pasco.  There was a lot of great information and fellowship.  Thanks to VWB Ed Woods and the staff for their hard work and dedication to the craft.  For those who were unable to attend this year, please mark your calendar for next year.  It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, ask questions and get to know Brothers from every corner of the Jurisdiction.

Grand Lodge is just two months away and the Grand Lodge office is getting ready for a great Annual Communication in Wenatchee on June 8 and 9.  You will be receiving your packets for Grand Lodge in the next few weeks.  This has been a great year for the Masons of Washington.  Let’s finish the year out strong with the best Grand Lodge ever.  Remember to register early and I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you in June. 

We have two more training sessions before Grand Lodge.  We will conduct Secretary, Treasurer and Temple Board Governance training at Delta White Center Lodge, No. 172 in Tukwila, WA on April 8 and at Kennewick Lodge, No. 153 in Kennewick, WA on April 28.  You can sign up for free on the Grand Lodge website.  CLICK HERE to sign up.

This year the Grand Master’s theme is Communicate to Educate.  Communication is critical to everything that we do in life.  Masonry is centered around communication.  But how are we communicating?  Do we remember our obligations when we are out in public?  Do we remember that we are Masons when posting on Facebook or some other social media outlet?  Is our goal to always preserve unsullied the reputation of our Fraternity?  We are charged to caution the inexperienced against a breach of fidelity.  Sometimes we forget that what we say or do in public or on the internet may not only be seen by family and friends, but others as well.  Others who may hold negative ideas about Masons.  What we say and do, reflects on the whole Fraternity.  

All too often I see posts on Facebook or in emails that should not be associated with Masonry.  Obscenity-laden rants and hate-filled dialog are not only unnecessary and unbecoming, they are un-Masonic.  We are members of the greatest organization that the world has ever known.  Masons are men that others look up to and want to emulate.  Masons set the standard which other men aspire to achieve.  Masons bring reason and light into a world of insanity and darkness.  Masons are the hope for a better world and a better future.  Masons set the standard by how others should act.

When you see a Brother who may be acting outside due bounds, perhaps you should remind him in a friendly manner that prudence should be the peculiar characteristic of every Mason, not only for the government of his conduct while in Lodge, but also when in the world.
A Fond Farewell

It is with a heavy heart that I share with all of you that I will be leaving my position at the Grand Lodge of Washington office.  My last day will be Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.

I am headed off to begin an exciting new chapter as the Event Organizer for a local non-profit organization.  While the decision to leave was not an easy one, I am looking forward to the opportunity to give back to my community.  

I want to thank everyone for making my time with the MW Grand Lodge of Washington truly enjoyable. The outpouring of support and kind words have been humbling.  THANK YOU so much for the opportunity to learn so much during my time here and I hope to cross paths with all of you again.

Chantal Kuaea
Masonic Yearbook 
In 2011 and 2012, we put together a Masonic Yearbook that contained pictorials of events and activities for the Masonic year. The book contained photos of the Grand Lodge Officers, Deputies of the Grand Master, Regional meetings and placements of pictorials from the individual Lodges and more importantly the officers of our Concordant Bodies. We have included messages from the Grand Master and his Grand line. A current directory of Lodges and a map of their locations were also included in the publication.
This Masonic year we have been gathering materials to use for the Yearbook for this Masonic year. We will continue to do the same until its time to send the print file to the printers sometime in May 2018.
On behalf of MWB Warren R. Schoeben, Grand Master, I ask for your assistance in pursuing this endeavor. We invite you to subscribe to a page placement of your Lodge group photo or activity collage in the yearbook. The format of the book will be 8.5” X 11” printing specifications will be the same as 2011 and 2012 yearbooks. The prices for the placements are as follows:
Inside Front Cover                     $ 500.00 
Back Cover                                $ 500.00 
Inside Back Cover                     $ 400.00 
Inside Full Page                         $ 100.00
Inside Half Page                        $ 75.00
A sample of the Yearbook can be viewed at the link below:
To support this project, Individual Masons are also encouraged to participate in the placements of their greetings to our Grand Lodge accomplishments in this Masonic year. Each subscription placement will be provided with a copy of the yearbook at no extra cost. Individual copies will be sold for $15.00 thereafter. For more information, contact Santy Lascano at
Proceeds will be added to the Grand Master’s philanthropic fundraising initiatives.The subscription form can be found in the online version of the Masonic Tribune.
G. Santy Lascano, PGM
Special Project Coordinator
Grand Lodge of Washington 2018 Yearbook
Junior Grand Warden Forum
Ask Adoniram
Dear Adoniram,

What do you think about criminal back ground checks?
- Straight Now
Dear needs,
That it is another tool for a thorough investigation, along with the six step to make sure that he is “Not just a Man, He’s a Mason”.
Dear Adoniram,

What does it mean when two brothers are talkin’ trash about each other
- Disgusted
Dear Disgusted,
It means that they’re being un-masonic.
The District No. 2 Brethren have once again spoiled the Grand Lodge Ladies with a lovely lunch. 
THANK YOU District No. 2!!!
Lodge Secretary's Corner
Grand Lodge Fees:  This is a Reminder, Per Sec. 14.11 B.L. A. of the Washington Masonic Code, all Grand Lodge Fees shall be transmitted to the Grand Secretary on or before April 15th (postmark date is accepted).  Any Lodge that fails to transmit payment by the required date shall be fined five dollars ($5.00) for each day’s delinquency after April 15th

Resolution Booklet: The Annual Communication legislation packets were mailed to Lodge on March 30th, 2018. 

Annual Communication: Registration packets will be mailed to each Lodge Secretary and the Principle officers on or before April 6th, 2018.
Grand Lodge Events
District No. 15 Meeting
Friday, April 6th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM
Tacoma Scottish Rite, 817 S. Vassualt St., Tacoma 98465
Meal $15.00

District No. 6 Meeting 
Saturday, April 7th, 2018 @ 12:00 PM
Southgate Masonic Hall, 1004 SW 152nd St. Burien 98166
Lunch will be served 

District No. 2 Meeting
Saturday, April 7th, 2018 @ 5:30 PM
Seattle Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 1207 N. 152nd St. Shoreline 98133
Prime Rib Dinner - $15.00 RSVP to Jimmy Norton -

Secretary, Treasurer and Temple Board Training
Sunday, April 8th, 2018 @ 10:00 AM
Delta-White Center Lodge, 1034 41st Ave S, Tukwila 98168
CLICK HERE to register

District No. 11 Meeting
Friday, April 13th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM
Port Townsend Lodge, No. 6, 1338 Jefferson St., Port Townsend 98368
Dinner - $20.00 donation with a local Winery serving wine at no charge

District No. 12 Meeting 
Saturday, April 14th, 2018 @ 4:00 PM
William Renton Lodge, No. 29, 1299 Grow Ave NW, Bainbridge Island 98110
Free Meal 

Secretary, Treasurer and Temple Board Training 
Saturday, April 28th, 2018 @ 10:00 AM
Kennewick Lodge, 601 W 6th Ave, Kennewick 99336
CLICK HERE to register

District No. 8 Meeting 
Saturday, May 5th, 2018 @ 2:00 PM
Arlington Masonic Center, 405 N. Olympic Ave, Arlington 98223
Light Lunch will be served
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