Vol. 10 - April 3rd, 2017
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Greetings from the Grand Secretary

Sam Roberts, Grand Secretary, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F&A Masons of Washington

Let’s see how many Scouts there are out there! The 160th Annual Communication is right around the corner. Will you be ready? There are a number of important Resolutions and recommendations that will be brought up for your consideration. Many of these will have far reaching and long term impacts on our Fraternity and justify that you be an informed member. Read them! Ask questions! Assume nothing!  Consider the financial and operational impacts! Discuss (civilly) in Lodge!

You have several candidates for the office of JGW. Do more than read their biographies. Ask the hard & meaningful questions. You want to know what kind of Grand Master the Brother would be and how relevant he would be to you, your Lodges and our Jurisdiction. Those type of questions tend to be more in depth than, “What would you change?” and more along the line of, “How would you react to….” types of questions.

And you have representatives running for Board Trustees of the Grand Lodge Building Association and for Washington Masonic Charities. These too, are important and responsible positions. Know more than the name of the individual you are going to vote for.

*to view a copy of the 2017 Resolution Packet CLICK HERE
Where’s Sam?
Where have I been?  With all the rest of the office staff who have been hard at work preparing for the Lodge Leadership Retreat and now, the Annual Communication!  This being my first time on this side of the process, I am amazed with the amount of preparation needed for the events. More impressive is the skill and dedication that staff has committed to these activities.  All of us are putting in the extra effort to make these run smoothly and appear effortless. Please take the time to recognize and thank staff for all they do for us all the time.
New for LSI
We are nearly finished doing the assessments of the various software products that are designed for the management and support of Grand Lodge membership to replace the current system. Just as a reminder of why we are looking, support for todays’ LSI/GLMMS will be discontinued and even now cannot be run on upgraded computers. Of the products we are looking at, all the systems are WEB based. Each system allows for members to update their personal information. Each system allows for some level of access and inquiry. And every system costs more than we’re paying today.
You, Your Lodge and the State House
One of the big ‘take aways’ from our “Legislative day in Olympia” is that your representatives WANT to hear from you. Without exception every Representative and Senator was receptive (and most supportive) of the Freemasons supporting Civility, supporting the Honor Flights and the work in our communities. Here is a GREAT opportunity for both your Lodge and your Reps.  Invite them to visit your Lodge!  First, it counts as Masonic Education. Second, IF you send out the notice well in advance and continue to inform the Lodge (and Brothers in and around the District) you may actually have a nice turn-out. Have your dialogue planned! You have invited your rep to share what he is doing for ‘the people’ and how that might affect the Lodge.  Return the favor and SHARE what the Lodge is doing for the community and how the Lodge might help him/her. If the Lodge has a particular issue (how do you keep track of public vs private use of the Lodge) ASK your rep what they might do to assist in resolving your problem. Remember, if we want to restore civility in our society, we MUST be civil in Lodge.
Forms Up-date
Forms, petitions and certificates are undergoing a review and (in some cases) updates. Send in your complaints, comments and suggestions to Clint in the Grand Lodge Office (
Civility – A Masonic Characteristic
In April, let’s concentrate on Social Media Civility. Besides on our roadways, this arena seems to be the veritable pit of un-civil, anti-social and bigoted comments and behavior. I don’t know if people feel that they can hide behind a veil of anonymity, but some of US, and I mean Freemasons of this Jurisdiction, are not at all bashful about calling out another Brother in public. Some use a ‘username’ to hide behind, but then post pictures, with a Lodge or Masonic symbol obviously and prominently displayed.

Many Jurisdictions are incorporating a Social Media Code of Conduct and Behavior into their CODE! Violation of this Code can get a Brother a written admonishment at a minimum to full expulsion for Un-Masonic Conduct.  If you are proud to be a Mason (and all that that means) and place a high value on your Masonic membership, you may want to voluntarily adopt this code.

  • Be aware that postings on any social media platform are PERMANENT. They are retrievable even after they appear to have been deleted, therefore your comments can have far-reaching and influential impact, reflecting positively or negatively on the person, family, associations and organizations.
  • A Mason, identified as such in any context, must conduct his social media activities in a way that reflects his membership in an organization that holds morality, integrity, civility and virtue in the highest regard.
  • As a Mason, you are to advise a Brother (Brother to Brother, Face to Face) if you feel that he has represented himself in a way that reflects poorly on the institution of Masonry.
  • Lodge business is just that and should be securely and privately conducted.
  • Private opinions should not be stated as generalizations, but identified as such. Even so, they should be factual, civil, courteous and gracious.
  • Before pictures or videos are posted, they should be subjected to the same review and scrutiny for appropriateness as any other posts.   Remember that ‘private pictures” become PUBLIC and PERMANENT if shared.

For more good and useful help with restoring civility, go to
Civility Quote
“My hope is that we would begin to have a dialogue in this country about the importance of civility. We can have strong differences, but it does seem to me that most of the country believes it's gone to critical mass in what I would call the professional class across the political spectrum - left and right.

- Tom Brokaw

Observation: A video question
I am interested in your opinion of continuing to insert an occasional video into the Grand Lodge Messenger. An email yes or no to let me know if you found it to be informative and useful will be appreciated.

Brethren that have signed the Grand Tyler’s Register at the Celestial Grand Lodge

None reported to me this month.  Thank you, Great Architect.
Quote(s) of the Month

Ideals are like stars. You will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but, like the seafaring man, you choose them as your guides, and, following them, you will reach your destiny.

- Carl Schurz

Greetings from the Assistant Grand Secretary

Don Campbell, Assistant Grand Secretary, MW Grand Lodge of F&A Masons of Washington


Welcome from the Assistant Grand Secretary’s desk. I’d like to tell you about two of the projects I’ve been assigned and how they affect you, your Lodge and the Grand Lodge. Both subjects concern membership at both the individual and Lodge level.

New Members
The Grand Lodge website in its overall view of Masonry has a place for those who want more information about Masonry and possibly joining. There are only five questions asked which include name, email, telephone, Zip Code and a place to say why you think you might want to join. Each of these requests is forwarded to me, logged and based on the Zip Code, referred to the Deputy in that area or in the case of only one Lodge in an area to the Lodge Secretary. Since July 1st of 2016 there have been over 300 of these requests received and forwarded out. Admittedly, not all are serious about Masonry and at least 15 have been referred to such outlying areas as Morocco, South Africa, Indonesia and even Washington, DC. One was referred to co-Masonry and another reminded that a prison address was probably not a valid home address.

My concern is that only eight petitions have been reported to have been submitted. From speaking with Brothers around the Jurisdiction I know that others have been received but not reported except on the Lodge Secretary’s Interface. What I’m asking is that if you receive a possible candidate through an email from the Grand Lodge office, please send an email or call me so that we can better track the information and if possible improve the system.

Lodge Consolidations
Secondly, we have several consolidations of Lodges in various stages of completion. I’ve been tasked to assist in any way possible when we become aware that this is under consideration. The Washington Masonic Code only has a brief paragraph in Sec. 24.02 B.L. describing the consolidation process. In reality, there is a lot more involved. We have prepared a three-page checklist to make the process flow easier and included the Resolution which must be submitted to begin the process at Grand Lodge.

I’ve attended several Lodges during the early stages of their process and hopefully helped to resolve many of the questions which naturally arise when members become aware that “their Lodge” is about to start down this path. I enjoy this part of the job and will assist in any way possible. If available I’ll attend your meeting, describe the process and answer whatever questions I might be able to.

To download the consolidation checklist CLICK HERE


Greetings from the Assistant to the Grand Secretary

Clint Brown, Assistant to the Grand Secretary, MW Grand Lodge of F&A Masons of Washington

PDF Fillable Forms 
We are working on lots of exciting new things to assist the Lodges in Washington.  We have started the process of changing the Grand Lodge forms to make them fillable forms using Adobe Acrobat.  This means that you no longer have to fill them out by hand.  There is a catch, though.  In order to be able to fill in the blanks on the forms, you must first download and save the form from the Grand Lodge website to your computer.  Once the form has been downloaded to your computer, then you should open the form with Adobe Acrobat.  This is a free program that can be downloaded at the Adobe website.  Once you have opened the form with Adobe Acrobat, simply type in the information into the form boxes and print out the form on your computer.  It is simple, fast and looks great.  This is just another way Grand Lodge is making your life as Secretary simpler. Check back often under the forms section of the Grand Lodge website as we upload more fillable forms to the website. Renting Lodge Space As a reminder, Grand Lodge receives inquiries from the public regarding renting Lodge space for events. If you would like Grand Lodge to direct these inquiries to your Temple Board, please send us your information including current contact information for rentals of your building and facility space.  You can email this information to and we will compile a list of rental venues available to provide when inquiries are made.
Lodge Leadership Retreat 
Thanks to everyone who attended the Lodge Leadership Retreat in Pasco for making the event a great success.  There was lots of information provided to the upcoming Lodge Officers, Secretaries and Treasurers.  For those who attended, don’t forget to go online and finish your PiLM Section A and contact your District Deputy to take Section B.  

The 2018 Lodge Leadership Retreat will be held at the Pasco Red Lion Hotel the weekend of March 16th.  Make sure to mark your calendars for this fun and educational event!

Junior Grand Wardens Candidates Forum

Click above to access a playlist of all questions and answers for the 2017 Junior Grand Wardens Candidates Forum, hosted by Daylight Lodge No. 232.
Aging Your Way Workshop

Masonic Outreach Services' new offering Aging Your Way is a workshop that takes an uplifting, yet serious, approach to planning next stages in life.  Addressing healthcare, socialization, legal, financial, and daily activities, this workshop helps you answer three important questions: 1) What do I need to do?  2) What are my options?  3) Who are the professionals I can trust?  An elder law attorney will present and answer questions.


By the end of this workshop, you will:
  • Understand the issues, options and opportunities for retaining independent living, aging in place, and long term care.
  • Begin to outline a plan for you or your older relative.
  • Begin assembling Your Team of trusted individuals and professionals who will aid and assist you as life changes occur.
  • Have information on how to connect with Masonic Outreach Services to provide assistance with planning or future issues related to aging in place or long term care.
Helping our older Brothers, their wives and widows plan for later in life is just as valuable as helping them when they're in need.  We encourage spouses, family members, older adults, and those with aging parents to attend.  Group size maximum: 25.  Free.  Contact Byron Cregeur to schedule a workshop: 253-4420-2505, Ext. 110 or 

Quote from recent attendee: "When are you offering this again?  My siblings need this too."
A huge THANK YOU to District No. 2 for spoiling the ladies of the Grand Lodge office with our annual office luncheon and flowers! You guys ROCK!
Ask Adoniram
Dear Brother Adoniram,
There are a bunch of really great guys from my church that meet every week for breakfast. Is it OK for me to wear my apron, so that they might ask and I can tell them about Masonry?  
Apron Man
Dear Apron Man,
You may want to thoroughly review Sec. 13.08 B.L. of the Washington Masonic Code before coming out with anything more than your kitchen apron.  

P.S. – Don’t even wear the “Kiss the cook” apron.
Dear Brother Adoniram,
Is having a Masonic Emblem on your car when you are not a Mason a Masonic Offense?
Dear Off End Ed,
I suggest that you don’t even try to bring charges against my wife when she drives my car that has loads of Masonic stuff on the back. Just FYI, she is not a Mason.
Lodge Secretary's Corner
Grand Lodge Fees:  This is a Reminder, Per Sec. 14.11 B.L. A. of the Washington Masonic Code, all Grand Lodge Fees shall be transmitted to the Grand Secretary on or before April 15th (postmark date is accepted).  Any Lodge that fails to transmit payment by the required date shall be fined five dollars ($5.00) for each day’s delinquency after April 15th

Resolution Booklet: The Annual Communication legislation packets were mailed to Lodges on March 31st, 2017.  A link to the Resolution Booklet can be found within the Grand Secretary's article above.

Annual Communication: Registration packets will be mailed to each Lodge April 6th, 2017. 
April Grand Lodge Events
District No. 12 Meeting 
Saturday, April 1, 2017 @ 11:00 AM
Bremerton Lodge, No. 117, 878 5th St. Bremerton, WA 98337
Lunch will be served by donation
***With the 12th Man supporting the Seahawks, and this being the 12th District, feel free to wear any Seahawk apparel you might have. 
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @ 
District No. 19 Meeting
Date:  Friday, April 7th, 2017 @ 6:30PM
Vancouver Masonic Center, 11605 SE McGillivary Blvd Vancouver
Refreshments will be served @ no cost
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @ 
District No. 18 Meeting 
Saturday, April 8th, 2017 @ 11:00AM
Kelso Lodge, No. 18, 204 S. Pacific Ave, Kelso
Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches, Cup of Soup, Vegetable Side Dish, Dessert  
Cost: $12.00
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @ 
District No. 15 Meeting
Friday, April 14th, 2017 @ 6:30PM
Tacoma Scottish Rite Building, 817 S.Vassualt St., Tacoma WA 98465
Dinner: Beef Brisket  
Cost: $10.00
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @ 
Hands Across the Border hosted by Lynden International Lodge, no. 56
Thursday, April 13, 2017 @ 5:00PM
Ferndale Masonic Center, 5638 3rd Ave, Ferndale, WA 98248 
Reservations required, CLICK HERE For additional information 

District No. 14 Meeting 
Saturday, April 15th, 2017 @ 11:00AM
Horace W. Tyler, Lodge No. 290, 2530 Grandview Dr. W University Place
Cost: 0.00
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @ 
Honor Flight Departure
Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 @ 6:00AM
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, 17801 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98158
Alaska #766 departing for BWI at 7:45am

Honor Flight Return
Monday, April 24th, 2017 @ 7:00PM
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, 17801 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98158
Alaska #767 arriving at 7:35pm from BWI; Parade in Alaska Airline Atrium to follow

District No. 11 Meeting 
Friday, April 28th, 2017 @ 6:30 PM
Sequim Lodge, No. 213, 700 S. 5th Ave, Sequim WA 98383
Dinner will be served at no cost
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @
District No. 13 Meeting 
Saturday, April 29th, 2017 @ 5:00 PM
Kent Masonic Hall, 805 E Smith St, Kent, WA 98030
Cost: 20.00
Please RSVP to VWB Samuel Ali, Grand Marshal, @ 
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