Annual Communication
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Greetings from the Grand Secretary

MW Sam Roberts, PGM, Grand Secretary

Lodge Masters and Secretaries
Please forward or share the Messenger with your members. They might want to know what is going on. Don’t let your dues statement be the only time the Brethren hear from the Lodge.
Where’s Sam
Getting ready for the Annual Communication.
The 2018-19 budget was sent to the Lodges in April.  Some Brethren noticed that it was not a balanced budget. I do this because I feel it is important that the Brothers fully understand what our projected income and expected expenses are as accurate as can be calculated. No one wants to or can sustain spending more than you take in for very long. The finance committee has worked very hard to offer 3 emergent recommendations to address this issue.  Please take the time to read and understand the ramifications of passing or not passing these recommendations.  Please call or see a member of the Finance Committee if you have any questions.
The Masonic Retirement Center Sale is back on track. There was a small delay where a neighbor or two had concerns, but as the issues were addressed, everyone seems pleased with the plans (especially the city). As with any project of this size and complexity, it takes time. The current time line has things winding up before the end of the year. Let’s hope there are no other delays.
Social Media. Too many people think it is OK to say anything about anyone on social media. There are 2 things one should know before posting something mean, untrue or an unfounded opinion.  First, NOTHING ever goes away on social media. Server farms with unlimited storage keep every byte and can recall it whenever. Second, our landmarks prohibit Masons from discussing Religion or Politics in Lodge and the Freemason should never talk about them anywhere else.

There are three topics that bring a person’s passions to the surface and have led to open war.  Women (remember Helen of Troy), religion and politics. If you are identified as a Freemason (or affiliated) on any social media site, perhaps the landmark prohibitions should be your guide. If you are anonymous and feel a need to comment on one of the BIG THREE, then do so, but always remember that being a Freemason is 24/7. Factual, logical and civil dialogue is always better than showing a lack of education and social graces and reverting to foul and vulgar language, innuendos and cheap shots. Besides, keeping it nice and clean always makes ‘em mad.

There are 2 things that my article brought out immediately. First, there are more than a few Brothers who are reading the Messenger! That’s good. Second, the Brothers are more than passionate about their right to say and do what they want! That also is good.

I have been called down a number of times for expressing my opinion that Masons should never talk about politics or religion.  And it’s because these topics do elicit such strong reactions. Where I went afoul is I stopped there.  I should have continued to say that if people can openly and rationally discuss these important subjects, willingly and with civility, enjoy your first amendment rights to the fullest. As students of history or current events can tell you, wars and much bloodshed; acts of violence and ill feelings have been and continue to be the result of unrestrained conversations on these themes.

For everyone who was displeased or upset with my overly-broad and all-encompassing statement, I do sincerely apologize. And I will refrain from making such broad statements in the future.

Civility Quote
Civility is the second casualty of political debate.
Grand View
In mailing things from the Grand Lodge office, you would be surprised by the amount of returned mail.  There’s three things wrong with this. (1) The Brother didn’t get the information; (2) wasted printing and postage; (3) doesn’t help the Grand Lodge with controlling expenses. Every member of this jurisdiction has the ability to update their own personal information: Address, Phone(s), Email, etc.  It’s quick, easy and can be done from your phone or computer.
Reporters for the Messenger and Tribune
I was asked if the lodges might be able to put short articles in the messenger. The answer is sure! Brief one or two paragraphs about what special thing is going on in your Lodge or District are best. Send them to me by the 25th of the month.

If you have always wanted to be a member of the press, we can always use your energy to collect and report on the happenings around your area.
Grand Lodge provides $5,000 of insurance coverage for Lodges for personal property items that are Masonic in nature. This is considered personal property coverage and has a $500 deductible.
Public Relations
Question – Who are the Masons and what makes them special?
Answer – Do you as a person think that being honest and forthright is better than being less that truthful? If so, there is a group of men who so firmly believe that this is true, that they live by this virtue, and they are called Masons. Do you believe that a man should be patient, tolerant, civil and strive to make the world a better place, one man at a time? Again, it is the Masons who daily live by a moral code based on Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. If you believe these things and want to associate with like-minded men, you should check out Freemasonry.

Brethren, make sure that you and your lodge are prepared to welcome such a man with MASONIC hearts, minds and deeds.
Honor Flights
Puget Sound: 19-21 May 
Inland NW: 7-8 May         
Dues Card Validation
How does a lodge validate that a visiting Brother or a member really is in “Good Standing”? QR Code,
Phone Number Try it!
Island Time
Ever dreamed about living on an island and living the quiet life?  Your Grand Lodge can help.  Located on Anderson Island in Puget Sound off the coast of Steilacoom this secluded wooded lot would make a great weekend getaway. This lot will be sold this year to the best offer. Call Clint in the Grand Lodge Office for the details.
Suggestions for the Annual Communication
Vendors (and Brethren) should be accountable for items that are not in accordance with the Code and traditions of THIS jurisdiction, especially the Past Master.

Past Master - the Blazing Sun within the Compasses extended on a Quadrant. The aprons may also be adorned with the Lodge number, “all seeing eye”, or other appropriate Masonic emblem.  Adornments to the aprons should be of a matching color to the edging but may include silver or gold highlights. Past Master Aprons should conform to the qualities of the Officers’ aprons, but with additional latitude to adornment, and color (to exclude purple).  See Sec. 15.11 B.L.  Jewels and Aprons.

Ideas from around the Jurisdiction
Increase awareness of your Lodge and Masonry in your community – Keep the area around your Lodge neat and pretty by picking up any trash, removing weeds and trimming shrubs.  The work party can be fun if you start with donuts and coffee, and if everyone wears some identification as a Mason or member of the Lodge, the community will take notice.
Increase Attendance – Contact the Research and Education committee for a Speaker for your stated meeting (or a special education night). Contact any Grand Lodge Committee chairman for someone to make a presentation on that committee.
Encourage Visitation -- Many Lodges have a travelling trowel of bible. Start an “OMG, What an ugly thing” trophy for a Lodge to drop off during a visit. Must be ugly! Must be proximately
displayed! Must be listed in the News Letter!

From the desk of the Assistant Grand Secretary
VW Clint Brown, Assistant Grand Secretary 

Greetings from the Assistant Grand Secretary

May 2018

“I am a Freemason because…”

I recently read a Masonic forum and I came across the topic: “I am a Freemason because…”.  I was immediately interested, assuming it was a Brother who was writing about his life story and journey through Masonry.  To my surprise, it was just this simple statement: “I am a Freemason because…”.  Nothing more.  However, the Brothers who had visited the site posted a reply as to why HE was a Mason.  Many of the replies were what you would expect.  Some said they joined because of a relative or a friend.  Some said they joined to become better men.  One even jokingly said that he joined because of the food.

One answer really caught my eye.  A Brother responded that when he was asked why he wanted to become a Freemason he “found it very hard to give the ‘correct’ answer”.  He said there was something about Masonry that he couldn’t explain, but he knew it was good and wanted to be a part of it.  Perhaps this answer caught my attention because I think many Brothers come into Masonry unable to explain exactly why they are joining the Fraternity.  When I decided to join Masonry, I was unsure of what to expect.  I knew my dad was a Mason, but Masonry was never discussed.  It was just a way of life.  I found it hard to put into words why I wanted to become a Mason.  But the men I knew who were members of the fraternity were good and honorable men and I wanted to be a part of that Brotherhood.  Today, I find it much easier to put into words why I am a Mason and my reasons for being a Mason have grown as I have grown in Masonry.

Every person has had a different journey into Masonry and a different reason for joining.  If you are like me, your journey through Freemasonry is an evolutionary process.  If you were asked today, why are you a Freemason, would your answer be the same as when you joined?  I think that it would benefit every Mason to take a moment to think about how he would finish the statement “I am a Freemason because…” 

Clint Brown
Assistant Grand Secretary

A Hot Topic

Annual Communication is June 8th and 9th. There are several resolutions and recommendations that merit your due consideration. As these will have far reaching impacts on the Masons in this jurisdiction, it would be a good idea to read, discuss and understand the legislation being presented.

Welcome to Heidi
The next time you visit the Grand Lodge Office, please take a minute to welcome Heidi. She is working from Chantal’s desk and phone extension. Heidi is not only learning the way the Grand Lodge Office operates (OMG), but a lot about Masonry as well. Be kind and civil as she learns the Masonic Way!
Lost and Found
One gold Scottish Rite ring found at the Annual Communication. Please contact the Grand Secretary as it is too small for him.

Ask Adoniram
Dear Adoniram,
How much leeway is there in opening Lodge at a Stated Meeting?
Dear Curious,

Dear Adoniram,
As a JW, I have been told that next year I should participate in the SW competition?
Dear Why,
It will better prepare you to assume the East. More preparation helps you; the Lodge and Masonry. In this case, win or not, there are no losers.
Lodge Secretary's Corner

Grand Lodge Fees:  This is a Reminder, Per Sec. 14.11 B.L. A. of the Washington Masonic Code, all Grand Lodge Fees were due to the Grand Secretary on or before April 15th, 2018 (postmark date is accepted).  Any Lodge that failed to transmit payment by the required date will be fined five dollars ($5.00) for each day’s delinquency after April 15th.  


Annual Communication: Registration will close on Wednesday, May 23rd. Pre-Registration is preferred to eliminate wasted material and help our staff and credentials committee prepare for members to arrive. The ability to add proxies and to register onsite is available.

Grand Lodge Events

Upcoming Events:

San Jaun Lodge No. 175, Open Air (FC) Degree
Saturday, May 9th, 8:00am – 5:30pm
San Juan Masonic Center, 152nd St. N., Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Memorial Day
Monday, May 28th
Office Closed
Masonic Memorial Day Services
Monday, May 28th, 2:00 – 3:00
New Tacoma Cemeteries
9212 Chambers Creek Rd W, University Place, WA 98467, USA

Annual Communication Registration Closes May 23rd!

161st Annual Communication – Wenatchee Convention Center, Wenatchee WA
June 8th-9th, 2018
121 North Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Registration/Check-In Hours:
Thursday: 9:30AM – 5:00PM
Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday: 7:30AM – 12:00PM

Registration Forms: *includes ladies registration information

Fliers and Additional Information:


Resolution Book (Includes Statement of Availability)

See you in Wenatchee!





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