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With a nudge from AI, ketamine emerges as a potential rare disease treatment

By Katie Palmer

Alice Proujansky for STAT

Families of kids with a rare disease have waited years for a treatment. In seconds, an AI tool pinpointed an unexpected target: ketamine. 

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Billions in new research funding sparks a lobbying frenzy among patient advocates

By Lev Facher

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Patient groups are scrambling to ensure they benefit from the gold rush of new research dollars and high-profile attention.

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STAT+: Athira cited altered studies in $15 million NIH grant application, creating legal risk

By Olivia Goldhill

PRNewsfoto/Athira Pharma, Inc.

Three altered papers co-authored by former chief executive Leen Kawas were referenced in an Athira application for NIH funding.

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STAT+: Scientists plumbing mysterious RNAs in the human genome find a possible treatment for an inherited disorder

By Megan Molteni


These molecules do many things, said one researcher. "And there’s tens of thousands of these. It’s enough work for generations of scientists.”

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Opinion: The ethical implications of who judges what’s ‘necessary’ when it comes to emergency care

By Laura Specker Sullivan

Misha Friedman/Getty Images

Insurers denying payment for emergency department visits they retrospectively deem as "unnecessary" is not an ethical way to save money.

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Opinion: With the tobacco settlement, the U.S. missed its moment to fortify public health. We can’t make that mistake with the opioid settlement

By Dick Durbin


Opioid settlement funds must go to building the public health systems needed to respond to the opioid crisis and prevent future addiction.

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STAT+: Bayer inks a $1.5 billion deal for a biotech with a proprietary drug discovery platform

By Ed Silverman

Markus Schreiber/AP

Bayer will acquire Vividion Therapeutics for $1.5 billion, the third time in two years it has bought a biotech with a proprietary platform.

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Listen: The mRNA gold rush, Delta’s alarming rise, & the next treatment for Alzheimer’s

By Damian Garde and Meg Tirrell

This episode, we dive into the potential mRNA, a technology used in Covid-19 vaccines that's now seeding a pharmaceutical gold rush.

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Thursday, August 5, 2021


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