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First Opinion

Lessons learned and lost from a Vietnam-era study of addiction. Doctors with disabilities. A misleading ad for the new Alzheimer's drug. Those were just some of the topics authors took on this week in First Opinion. If you're a podcast fan, check out University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Zeke Emanuel on the First Opinion Podcast discussing why health care facilities should mandate that all health care workers be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Lessons learned — and lost — from a Vietnam-era study of addiction

By Lauren Aguirre


A study of soldiers returning home after their tours of duty in Vietnam shed surprising light on the nature of addiction and drug use.

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Medicine needs to see what disability means, looks like, and feels like — in its ranks and in its patients

By Maggie Salinger

Even 25 years after passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with disabilities make up fewer than 3% of U.S. med students.

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‘When Memory Fades’: Misinformation about Alzheimer’s disease and Aduhelm must be limited

By Madhav Thambisetty

Allen G. Breed/AP

An ad for Aduhelm, the new Alzheimer's drug, called "When Memory Fades" offers the kind of misinformation the surgeon general warns about.

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Listen: Ezekiel Emanuel on vaccine mandates: ‘Covid might not be done with you’

By Patrick Skerrett

Health care workers pledge that their highest duty is to promote the best interests of their patients. Today that means getting vaccinated.

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Circumventing Covid-19 with better ventilation and air quality

By Leslie Boden and Will Raderman and Patricia Fabian

Jon Cherry/Getty Images

By making indoor environments more similar to the outdoors, better air quality and ventilation can help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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A turning point for children: creating an AIDS-free generation

By Winnie Byanyima and Chip Lyons

ASIF HASSAN/AFP via Getty Images

Global, national, and community leaders must turn calls to action into real action to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS in children.

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Patient advocacy organizations and FDA drug approval: lessons from Aduhelm

By Michael S. Sinha and Stephen Latham


Patient advocacy organizations need to shift their paradigm from "any drug at any cost" to "the best drug at the right cost."

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The answer to medical misinformation on social media might be more information

By Victor Agbafe and Prerak Juthani


Social media is at the heart of medical misinformation. But it also has the power to drive truthful and important public health discussions.

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Proven ways to boost Covid-19 vaccination: mandates plus nudges

By Lawrence O. Gostin and Scott C. Ratzan

David Ryder/Getty Images

Mandates can help the U.S. increase Covid-19 vaccination rates. Nudges that influence choices without forbidding options can also work.

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Explaining medical AI is easier said than done

By Boris Babic and Sara Gerke


Explainable artificial intelligence may not add transparency to black-box AI and machine learning algorithms and in some instances can hurt.

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Sunday, July 25, 2021


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