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The Readout Damian Garde & Meghana Keshavan

Calif. law that bans drug coupons failed to increase generic use

When officials in California banned coupons for brand-name drug prescriptions, the idea was to boost greater use of cheaper generics. 

That, according to a new analysis, hasn't happened, at least not to as great an extent as possible.

After the ban took effect, there was a small, insignificant increase of 0.4% in generic use in California relative to surrounding states, “with no significant change in the trend over time,” researchers wrote in JAMA.

The outcome suggests the law was ineffectual and such an approach is unlikely to sufficiently control spending on prescription drugs.

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A biotech and a medical journal go to battle

Two months ago, Pacira Biosciences took the highly unusual step of filing a libel lawsuit against a medical journal, its editor, and the authors of several published papers, arguing the articles were based on “faulty scientific research” and as a result, its only medicine was portrayed as ineffective.

Now, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, which publishes the medical journal, has fired back. In a court filing to dismiss the lawsuit, the ASA uses scorching language to chastise Pacira and its motives.

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EU loses bid for faster deliveries of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine

The European Union has failed in its attempt to force AstraZeneca to speed deliveries of its Covid-19 vaccine or face huge fines, the latest round in a high-profile battle between the 27-member bloc and the drug maker.

In its 67-page ruling, a court in Brussels refused to require AstraZeneca to supply 120 million doses by the end of June, which the EU had demanded.

However, the court set a schedule for 80 million doses to be delivered by Sept. 27 and will require AstraZeneca to pay $11.80 for every dose not delivered by that deadline. The court also criticized the drug maker for a “serious breach” of its contract with the EU after repeatedly failing to meet delivery terms.

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