Rendering ASCII Chord Charts with React

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I wrote some words this week about how I’ve cobbled together a React-based ASCII chord chart renderer and massaged it until I was happy with the final result. If you love ASCII and guitar chords, check out the full article for a tour of the final solution.

The decision to build a web-based chord chart viewer was spurred on by the need to better organize the results of my Chord project into a useful tool. Once the renderer was finished, I was still daunted by how to best display a huge number of possible chords to the end user, and have them interact with those chords in meaningful ways.

I realized that my desire to come up with a perfect solution was hampering my ability to come up with any solution. So instead of continuing to fret (pun intended), I relaxed and put together a sloppy solution that connected my React front-end to the Elixir-powered Chord back-end.

The results are pretty cool, if I say so myself.

(Please note that many of these chords are varying degrees of playable)

Actually seeing those generated chords in browser planted seeds for quite a few ideas on how to improve the Chord backend. Giving myself permission to do something poorly and sloppily can be liberating.

What have you been up to this week?

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