Optional Notes and Exact Pitches in Chord

Hey <<First Name>>,

I took a bit of a break from J and my Advent of Code this past week to put some work into my Elixir-based guitar chord generator.

One of my not-so-secret goals with the project is to be able to model “lead sheets” and have my computer tell me the best chords to play in a given song. I took another step towards that goal this week by adding support for optional notes and exact pitches to Chord.

Check out the full article for a dive into the weeds that made these features possible!

If we’re being honest, I did put some time into solving Advent of Code puzzles in J. I managed to finish parts one and two of the day twelve challenge, which involved simulating a one-dimensional cellular automata. Check out the details in my writeup.

I’m starting to have a love/hate relationship with J. When I’m in it, I usually feel like I’m helplessly floating in a sea of weird, but once I find myself back on solid ground, in an Elixir or Javascript project, I find myself missing it. Rank, and the ability to change a verb’s (or function’s) rank on the fly is an especially powerful idea.

Do I see myself using J for anything more than one-off experimentations, or as algorithm proof of concepts? I highly doubt it. But I feel like it’s starting to get under my skin, and I like that feeling.

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