Allow Yourself to do Things Poorly

Hey <<First Name>>,

Earlier this week I pushed a post about some recent experiences I’ve had while working on my Chord project. I realized that allowing myself to do things poorly can be liberating.

To find out what I mean, be sure to check out the full post.

I’ve also included some eye candy in post if you’re curious about the current state of Chord’s front-end.

Aside from that, I’ve been working feverishly every morning, noon, and night on this year’s Advent of Code challenges. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll have completed the first eight challenges in the J programming language, and I’m documenting my progress!

Check out my take on each of the challenges so far:
I mentioned in day one’s post why I’m attempting these challenges in such an obscure language:
I’ve used J a handful of times, and repeatedly struggled under the strangeness of the language. That being said, there’s something about it that keeps pulling me back. My hope is that after a month of daily exposure, I’ll surmount the learning curve and get something valuable out of the experience and the language itself.

While that’s a great goal to shoot for, my experiences so far can be summed up by this line at the end of day seven's post:
The final solution is a nasty blob of code that I only just barely understand.

Wish me luck.

So what are you up to this week? Are you working through the Advent of Code? Are you allowing yourself to do things poorly?

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