Minimal Coding with Spacemacs and Olivetti

Hey <<First Name>>,

This week I decided to take a detour from the various projects I’m currently juggling and decided to focus on a more meta topic: my programming environment. Lately I’ve been experimenting with a visually minimal setup of Spacemacs, and I’ve been loving everything about it!

Here’s a link to the full article where I describe my setup, and here’s a quick screenshot to whet your appetite.

I first posted a few screenshots of my initial setup on Twitter, and I got a very positive reaction. It seems like people are craving a more minimalistic coding experience. Any why not? Writers of prose have been riding this wave for years. I’m currently using Ulysses to write this letter, and it’s about as minimal as you can get. Why shouldn’t writers of code want the same things from their writing environments?

This week I also managed to finish a massive refactor of my Elixir-powered Bitcoin full node project that drastically simplifies how I parse and serialize Bitcoin network messages. I’m really happy with the solution I landed on, so expect a full write-up on that soon.

What have you been working on this week?

P.S. Did you know that neither Visual Studio Code, Atom, nor Sublime Text ship with the ability to print files without installing third-party plugins (which, as should be expected, don’t work). TIL.
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