Quick sticks! Fantastic free gig at The Waiting Room this Thursday.
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Live at the Waiting Room on Thursday 10th September 
Piney Gir + Darling BOY + Polly Garter (Free Gig!) 

This is very last minute, but we couldn’t resist helping out a damsel (and her band) in distress!

If you were planning on seeing our friend Piney Gir and her band in Middlesbrough this week, and disappointed that the show couldn’t go ahead in the end, then don’t despair… rather than twiddle her thumbs and stare idly out of her hotel room window, Piney has kindly agreed to bring her band to play a relaxed, intimate set at the Waiting Room on Thursday night! They’re a big band, so it might be a little bit stripped-back, but we’ll see what we can do.

What we can guarantee is it’ll be totally ace! Piney Gir hails from the American Midwest, home of wide open plains with sunflowers that grow as far as the Earth curves. The ‘you’re not in Kansas anymore’ jokes never wear thin, because Piney embraces her heritage, bringing it with her to the UK, where she’s lived for over a decade now (but yes, she does have a sparkly red shoe collection… and yes, she wears a lot of gingham!)

The Piney Sound? Perfectly-formed indie pop with tuneful riffs, and her lovely voice unifying it all. With that lyrical rhyme/reason that you can’t quite put your finger on; it’s pleasing, charming and poetic.

And her new album, Mr Hyde’s Wild Ride, is a belter! Piney’s easy way with melody belies an album of new and different shades to her previous albums. Change is in the air, and the characters that populate these songs seem ready to tell it like it is, like Dorothy Parker’s snappy comebacks, as surprising to them as it is to us. Being Piney Gir, though, she can’t resist the perkiness of a finely honed, heavenly tune. First single, Keep It Together, deftly channels 60s beat pop and Stereolab all at the same time, a lover’s lament laced with urgency and optimism, piped in directly from her

As this is SUCH short notice, we’re doing it as a complete freebie (although we might pass the hat around at the end), so feel free to come and join us in the backroom for some fizzy pop fun. We’ll open at the doors at 6.30pm, and be onstage after 8pm. We’ve also got exclusive little sets from two of Piney’s esteemed band members, Darling BOY and Polly Garter, so it’s all turned out nice in the end... 

Have a listen:

And then...

Live at the Waiting Room on Sunday 13th September 

William KJ Anderson + Nocturnal Dictionary

As one third (eventually one quarter) of Teesside math-rock goliaths Dartz, the charming Mr Anderson certainly felt his way around the more eccentric side of that curious beast we’ve come to know as ‘pop music’… and it’s knack he’s put to good use in forging an eclectic and wildly varied solo career. Whether recording under the auspices of the Nick Drake-esque Meadowlands; as the full-on pop-rock of Algiers or, more recently, under his own name, he’s got an unnerving knack for a bitingly, intelligent lyric and a twisting, mind-melding melody.

Check out the brand new recordings that have emerged from his secret Sheffield practice room this summer… the wistfulLondon, You Were Never Made For Me (a lost Morrissey song title if ever there was one) the skewed rockabilly of You Don’t Have To Lift A Finger (sounding like The Stray Cats hiding out in Tom Waits’ dustbins) and the heart-tugging, melancholy, piano-led torch song that is What Ghosts. Is one of the UK’s most creative and mercurial DIY talents lying low in South Yorkshire? We think he is. And so, for one night only, we’re bringing him home.

Have a rummage around Mr Anderson’s exciting new sounds here…

And we’re thrilled that, joining him on the bill, are an indecently young fourpiece who’ve already blazed a trail as one of the most startlingly original and arresting young bands to have emerged in recent memory. Steeped in the mercurial oddness of their native Whitby, Nocturnal Dictionary play fluid, freeform pyschedelia with an eccentric streak a mile wide; wide-eyed innocents lost in a strange maelstrom of jazz saxophone, clattering drums, fuzz bass and the beat-driven, stream-of-consciousness lyrical poetry of enigmatic frontman George Elder.

How will the night pan out? We’re not sure, but we reckon this has all the makings of a good-old fashioned ‘happening’. Wild, unpredictable and likely to take a distinct turn for the strange. Come and join us, and see how it ends..

Have a listen:

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And also a little mention goes to The Sound of Silence Vol 1, an ace one-day festival taking place all across Stockton this Saturday... with lots of our Waiting Room chums there, including Holy Moly & The Crackers, Eliza Carthy and Kathryn Williams - it's all here!
And here's a sexy picture of our Mushroom, Cashew and Basil Pate.