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Here's what we had for tea last night...

As purveyors of such fine food, some of us get to do this often. We'll be working our way through the menu (again) this week as we contemplate the impending autumn. 
Our starters were a Nicoisey Salad and a snail plate of oven baked delights; six tasting pots which includes quails egg, goat's cheese, walnut and date and a hot spatchcocked olive! 

Our main course was the incredible Korma Nut Koftas - spiced balls of mixed nuts with a sensational curried almond sauce, accompanied with a hot jalfrezi carrot salad (containing roast green chillis) - and the beautiful Aubergine Cannelloni - Rolls of roast aubergine filled with a leeky Puy mince, with a rich roast tomato sauce and courgette vinaigrette.

Tonight we will feast on the delicious, light Beetroot, Butterbean and Dill Pate and a Hot Thai Noodle Salad with ginger-marinated raddish, followed by a Summer Burger with Chilli Mozzarella and the ever-outstanding Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Curry.

Followed by puddings made of apples...
How do you like them apples?! Freshly picked from our garden and now featuring in a scrumptious crumble up on our pudding board.

Feel free to bring us your spare garden and allotment harvest. We'll see what we can do with them and set you aside a portion!
We are thewaitingroomvr on instagram... Please share your Waiting Room pics with us using #thewaitingroomvr or tag us @thewaitingroomvr (we're working on it)

Tune in next week for pictures of puddings.