Formula C has been Greenlit

Thank you to everyone who voted for Formula C. It won't be much longer now, before it's available on Steam.

This actually happened on the 13th of May but I forgot to send out an update to you guys.

The timing of getting Greenlit was interesting. As some of you might know I was busy preparing a new campaign as the first one was started too early, the game didn't look very polished and didn't get many votes. I had postponed deploying the new one a number of times and set a date that I would definitely deploy it. Then something got in the way and the next day I had an email informing me that I had been Greenlit.

That meant, I missed out on some publicity, which I could have received from running a more successful campaign. But it has freed me up to work on Steam integration and just finishing the game. I really enjoy programming new features and dislike marketing so it's been really good recently.

Steam Workshop
Since getting Greenlit I have added the ability to upload tracks to the Steam Workshop as well as the ability to subscribe to other users tracks. Later on, I will extend this capability to collections of tracks.

I have added the ability to load mp3 files from a designated folder, so you can listen to your own music and have the scenery react to it. I will also extend this to handle other file types.

Challenge System
Before getting Greenlit I started working on the challenge system. It was possible to send a challenge to a friend through a server and have them respond to it. This worked by setting a time limit or a retry limit then setting your best time on a track, for the other person to race against.

Now I'm working on integrating this with Steam so you will receive notifications when a challenge has been sent to you.

New Scenery
To finish off here are two new scenery objects (click on them to load the animated versions):

For more information about these updates, head to
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