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December 2019/January 2020

Returning to work? Share your experiences!

Returning to your job after sick leave can be challenging. WageIndicator and several partners are currently  carrying out a Social Dialogue project by studying workers' abilities to return to work after suffering from a chronic illness.
Please share your experiences if you are working in one of these EU countries:
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1,500+ interviews Myanmar in new data visual

The Decent Wage Myanmar project aimed to collect wage and cost of living data, supported by Mondiaal FNV. Its results can be found in WageIndicator's new data visual. The data, collected through 1,514 interviews, will be used in preparation of establishing new minimum wage levels in the country.
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Living wages in high demand

WageIndicator's living wage approach continues to attract attention. For example, living wage reports have been provided to various multinationals. Moreover, a new FAQ for Wages in Context has been published.

New minimum wages

Look up your minimum wage

What does Adele earn?

  • Annual: GBP 10,000,000
  • Monthly: GBP 833,333
  • Weekly: GBP 192,308
  • Daily: GBP 38,462

How much is the living wage in your country?

  • Tanzania: USD 186 - USD 253 per month
  • Mexico: USD 299 - USD 411 per month
  • Slovenia: USD 1,036 - USD 1,418 per month
How much should a standard family (2 adults and 2 children) in your own country earn to make a decent living? Learn more about living wages in 76 countries. For your convenience, these wages are available in euros, US dollars and the national currency.
Labour Law

Great clauses in Dutch agreements

The collective agreement of De Nederlandsche Bank states that health insurance also covers the relatives of employees. The collective agreement for the Dutch roofing industry provides for a special leave for workers subjected to domestic or intimate partner violence.

New collective agreements online

Decent Work Check updates


New publications by WageIndicator

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