The best of WageIndicator - October 2016
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Improved Salary Check now available in 74 countries

WageIndicator has launched an improved version of its Salary Check. The new design makes it very easy to check wages in other countries and to change the language and currency. Since the Salary Check is now available in 74 countries, you will always find the right average wage for the desired job - even if it is on the other side of the world. Check out the Salary Check for your own country.

Pay gap between managers and workers especially large in South Africa

A case for Sample Collective Agreements

With the assistance of WageIndicator, a Sample Collective Agreement model has been developed for Ghana and a couple of East African countries. Through such Sample Agreements, social partners can move to better workplace relations, more engaged employees, higher productivity and fewer workplace injuries. Learn more

Best Sample Collective Agreements

Increased Minimum Wage rates from October 2016

* The increase in the minimum wage came into effect earlier this year, but has only been published recently by the government of Zanzibar.

Living Wage around the world - new publications

Dutch teachers and scientists most likely to receive year-end bonus

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