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Highlights 2019

Changes in Garment Factories Visualized

This year, the second phase of Gajimu Garment started. During this phase, which will continue until 2022, Gajimu will show Indonesian garment workers the improvements that are being made in their factories. Gajimu and trade union representatives will continue to visit these factories to conduct surveys with the workers.
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Thousands of Surveys for Decent Work Check

Survey intakes for 2019:


922 – Online surveys
1,593 – Offline/Face-to-Face surveys
Gajimu Garment Achievements
Interviewer of the Year
Yanti Kusriyanti (also known as Teh Yanti) has been crowned Interviewer of the Year for all her work in 2019. As a member of TSK-SPSI AGN, one of our local trade union partners, she did not hesitate to ask the important questions regarding the collected data and the progress in the factories. Teh Yanti has actively collected surveys from five companies in the Purwakarta area and helped the Gajimu team to conduct socialization in the Bandung area in July 2019.
Awards for Best Factories and Interviewer
Coinciding with the Public Discussion in September, the Gajimu Team was honored to give awards to:
First Public Discussion
The first Public Discussion took place on 18 September. It was attended by workers and representatives from trade unions, factory managements, NGOs, brands, the Ministry of Manpower and mass media.
Regular Meetings for Four Garment Factories
Gajimu Garment has held three Focus Group Discussions in May 2019. As a result, representatives from four factories were planning to hold Bipartite Cooperation Forum meetings at least once a month.
Latest Factory Info
Improvement Activities
Two factories carried out substantial improvement activities this year:
140 Factories Surveyed
In 2019, 140 factories have been surveyed. This had lead to 125 factory pages on the Gajimu Garment website. Of these factories, 25 agreed to improve working conditions.
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