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September/October/November 2019

Updated living wages for 76 countries

WageIndicator has published and updated its living wage data for 76 countries globally, to raise awareness to the adequacy of national minimum wages. Living wages are based on the concept that work should provide a minimum decent standard of living for a family. To determine this standard, WageIndicator collects the prices of items necessary to calculate the cost of living.
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Global cooperation by WageIndicator and FLAME

57 undergraduate and postgraduate students from FLAME University, based in Pune, India, have started working as interns for WageIndicator Foundation. Through this internship, they will be able to learn and upgrade their data and data visualization skills. They also will develop their management skills and their web traffic analytics and SEO knowledge.
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Gajimu shows changes in garment factories

The second phase of Gajimu Garment is underway. During this phase, which will continue until 2022, Gajimu will show Indonesian garment workers the improvements that are being made in their factories. Gajimu and trade union representatives will continue to visit these factories to conduct surveys with the workers.

New minimum wages

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What does President of China Xi Jinping earn?

  • Annual: USD 20,500
  • Monthly: USD 1,708
  • Weekly: USD 394
  • Daily: USD 79

How much is the living wage in your country?

How much should a standard family (2 adults and 2 children) in your own country earn to make a decent living? Learn more about living wages in 76 countries. For your convenience, these wages are available in euros, US dollars and the national currency.
Labour Law

Great clauses for Spanish workers ISS

The international company ISS Facility Services provides for quite exceptional clauses in its Spanish collective agreement. For example, the company provides for an unemployment fund. It also enables workplace risk assessments to ensure the health and safety of pregnant or nursing women.

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New publications by WageIndicator

WageIndicator Foundation collects, compares and shares labour market information through online and offline surveys and research. Its national websites serve as always up-to-date online libraries featuring (living) wage information, labour law and career advice, for employees, employers and social partners. In this way, WageIndicator is a life changer for millions of people around the world. To learn more, visit or your national website.
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