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Wouldn't it be nice to work in a factory with good working conditions?

Visit our newly launched Indonesian factory pages to find out which garment factory offers good working conditions and sufficient pay and benefits. The factory pages show the labour law compliance of each garment factory, according to the surveys filled out by Indonesian workers. Do you want your factory to be on the garment factory pages? Fill out our Decent Work Check survey!

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Large minimum wage hikes for workers Romania and Azerbaijan

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Collective agreements Pakistan seldom cover equality and job security

What does Australian Open winner Roger Federer earn?

  • Annual: $ 64,000,000
  • Monthly: $ 5,333,333
  • Weekly: $ 1,230,769
  • Daily: $ 175,342
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New living wages around the world

  • Germany: $ 1720 - $ 2326 per month
  • Burundi: $ 172 - $ 231 per month
  • Paraguay: $ 291 - $ 400 per month
How much should a standard family (2 adults and 2 children) in your own country earn to make a decent living? Learn more about living wages in these and 58 other countries.

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44 new collective agreements added to WageIndicator database

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Labour law updates

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