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First quarter 2020

Mid-term COLBAR meeting in Amsterdam coming up

The mid-term meeting for COLBAR-EUROPE will take place in Amsterdam on 26 and 27 March 2020. During the meeting, collective agreement databases from various European countries will be presented, as well as examples from South Africa and Brazil. Moreover, the progress of the COLBAR research project will be discussed.
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(On invitation only; applications are only final if they are confirmed as such by the WageIndicator Foundation. Attending the meeting is at the participant's own expense and limited to people living and working within one of the 28 EU member states or one of the EU's 5 associate countries are allowed to attend.)

204 collective agreements annotated

407 agreements collected in total

407 collective agreements from Europe have been collected in 2019. Thus far, the team behind COLBAR has annotated 204 of these. During 2020, 111 more agreements will be collected, to establish a Europe-wide database containing over 500 agreements.
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Wanted: collective agreements

To wrap up the collection phase of the COLBAR project, several more collective agreements are needed. If you have access to such documents from the 28 EU member states or the 5 associate countries, please consider sharing these with the COLBAR team.
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Annotated agreements mostly Spanish and Italian

What is happening right now?

Preparatory phase: April 2019 – January 2021
  • Mid-term meeting in Amsterdam (March 2020)
  • Research of coded agreements (January - December 2020)

Publications on COLBAR

The COLBAR-Europe project aims to improve knowledge about the content of collective agreements in Europe. It will do so by adding more than 500 agreements to WageIndicator’s CBA Database for the current 28 European Union member states and 5 associate countries. These agreements will cover the commerce, manufacturing, construction and public sectors. By analyzing the agreements, comparisons across industries can be made.

COLBAR is funded by the European Commission through its Social Dialogue Program. Lead partner is the University of Amsterdam/AIAS. The Central European Labour Studies Institute (CELSI) and the National Council for Economics and Labour (C.N.E.L.) are the project's key actors.

COLBAR is facilitated by WageIndicator Foundation, which collects, compares and shares labour market information through online and offline surveys and research. Its national websites serve as up-to-date online libraries featuring (living) wage and labour law information and career advice, for employees, employers and social partners. In this way, WageIndicator is a life changer for millions of people around the world. To learn more, visit or your national website.
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