Gajimu Garment newsletter February/March 2019
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Get ready for a new batch of surveys!

In February 2019, Gajimu Garment has done activities in preparation of conducting a new batch of surveys for the Decent Work Check. Gajimu trained new and old interviewers in Jakarta and Sukabumi, as well as conducting socialization on the objectives, process and benefits of Gajimu Garment to plant-level trade unions and HR departments in Majalengka, Bandung, Cimahi, Purwakarta, Sukabumi and Tangerang.

New intakes for Decent Work Check survey

Factory updates

Most improved factory: Sunjin HJ

An agreement has been reached by the management of PT. Sunjin HJ and the trade union to start applying pay scales and to register the pay scale calculations with the government. Moreover, contract workers will gradually receive permanent contracts.

Most improved factory: Sandang Priangan

The owner of PT. Sandang Priangan and the trade union will use the results of the Decent Work Check in periodic bipartite discussions. The factory does not have a collective agreement (CBA), as both the owner of and the trade union prioritize verbal social dialogue. However, the owner will consider implementing a CBA.
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96 factories online,
11 more to go

Current status:
  • 96 factory pages online
  • 15 factories improving working conditions
  Factories to be added:
  • 11 factories being verified (coming soon)
  • Surveying new factories will resume in March 2019
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Interviewer of the month

M. Andi surveys factories in Tangerang City. Through his skills in lobbying, Andi convinced both workers and companies' managements to conduct the Decent Work Check survey. Andi is also one of the surveyors that is very skilled in using the offline survey.
Gajimu updates

Salary Check

What monthly wage does a sewing machine operator without any experience earn?
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